Ethereum under pressure from DeFI; Can Bitcoin capitalize?

2020 saw Ethereum [ETH] briefly take over Bitcoin’s lead in the market. However, this growth was the result of the boom witnessed by the decentralized finance [DeFi] ecosystem. According to data provided by Skew, the price volatility of Ethereum and Bitcoin are converging. The converging spread of the Ether-Bitcoin 6-month at-the-money [ATM] Implied Volatility had […]

Are Bitcoin HODLers panicking yet?

After noting a 24-hour rise of 54.27%, Bitcoin held on exchanges climbed to 28.54k. In fact, this was the biggest one-day increase in nearly two months. This BTC is held on exchanges for the purpose of trading and an increase in this number is an indicator that HODLers are selling slowly. While there are other […]

Ripple Joins Google, The Rockefeller Foundation at Mojaloop’s Top Drawer

Blockchain giant Ripple network has made another stride to strengthen further its relationship with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as the Blockchain Company now features among the sponsors of the Mojaloop Foundation, a charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting financial inclusion by offering organizations the ability to create an interoperable payment. Ripple, alongside PhonePe, a […]

Huawei Cloud’s blockchain service just got its first major update in two years

They’re entering the enterprise blockchain arena as part of a push towards empowering commercial applications. Huawei announced an update for it’s blockchain-based cloud service, known as Blockchain Service 2.0, or BCS 2.0, during a recent industry summit. It appears that the platform’s upcoming enhancement will serve as its first major update since 2018.  According to […]

Uniswap’s Distribution Is Built on Something That Can’t Be Forked: Actual Users

“I think that Uniswap is one of the premier DeFi [decentralized finance] protocols, and its token is as well,” Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO at Alameda Research, told CoinDesk via email. “It has been the largest decentralized trading venue for a long time.” The praise is noteworthy as Bankman-Fried is credited with saving SushiSwap, Uniswap’s chief competitor. […]

Binance targets more European users with its 7% cashback Visa Card launch

The Binance Visa Card is now available across the entire European Economic Area (EEA), as per Binance’s statement shared a few hours ago. The card is directly linked to users’ Binance accounts and it comes on different levels. According to Binance, users can use the card to spend digital assets in their Binance accounts to […]

Facebook’s Libra will be restricted, not banned, under new EU plans

Virtual currencies and other innovative payment methods could ultimately get a boost from EU regulators, despite spiky rhetoric directed toward the Facebook-backed Libra project. Finance ministers on Friday made eye-catching statements about banning the proposed new virtual asset from Europe altogether. But more privately, officials talk of regulations enabling, not banishing, financial technology innovations — […]

First Official Ethereum 2.0 Proposal For Phase 0 Launch Just Submitted

While droves of ‘degenerate’ farmers have been scrambling for DeFi yields, progress on the long-awaited Ethereum 2.0 upgrade and Phase 0 testing has taken a back seat. That is until today when the lead developer has submitted the first official proposal for the Phase 0 stage of the migration to Ethereum 2.0. Phase 0 EIP […]

Global Digital Industry Group Launches Mining Business Bitworld

The UAE cryptocurrency giant, Global Digital Industry Group (GDIG), has established its mining subsidiary Bitworld and will invest $50 million in the company by 2021 as it works to build the company’s presence in the Middle East bitcoin and Ethereum mining industry. GDIG has appointed its mining head, Planck Danny as the CEO of Bitworld. […]

Airtel, Google to Enhance Internet Experience

Airtel Nigeria has announced a partnership with Google to unveil Mobile Data Platform (MDP), a new feature that enhances and digitalises the journey of customers’ data purchase, utilisation and management in Nigeria. According to both organisations, the newly introduced MDP, which is only available to Android Operating System (OS) users, offers a personalised experience and […]

Tether Can Freeze and Destroy Your USDT

Tether can reverse transactions, freeze accounts, and destroy USDT tokens with impunity. Tether Reverses Swerve Transaction On Sept. 7, a user of the DeFi platform Swerve sent $1 million worth of USDT to the application erroneously and lost access to that money. The news eventually reached Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino, who offered to recover the […]

Programmable money: How crypto tokens could change our entire experience of value transfer

Programmable money (PM) is in the air. It may be the next stage in the evolution of money. And it could be as disruptive as any financial technology in development today. Yes, China is close to launching the first central bank digital currency (CBDC) at scale — perhaps within the next 12 months — but […]

Diginex is going public on Nasdaq

The Diginex acquisition of 8i Enterprise Acquisition Group has been voted on and given the green light by 8i Enterprise Acquisition Group shareholders. During the shareholder vote on September 15th, over 80% of shareholders voted in favor of the acquisition. As a result, Diginex will become a publicly-traded company on the Nasdaq stock exchange later […]

For the First Time, a Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Becoming a US Bank

Making Bank The Wyoming Banking Board just voted to approve Kraken, a San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange, as a special purpose depository institution (SPDI). In other words, it’s the first crypto exchange in the country poised to become a bank, as CoinDesk reports. “By becoming a bank we get direct access to federal payments infrastructure, and […]

Are Bitcoin users finding more use in its tokenized form?

Bitcoin has been one cryptocurrency that has been constantly in demand. Recently, Bakkt Bitcoin futures marked an all-time high in the physically settled Bitcoins, while the tokenized version of Bitcoin has been peaking in decentralized finance [DeFi]. Even though the spot market may appear dull at the moment, major activities were going on in the […]

ETH 2.0 Coordinator Announces New Testnet Called “Spadina”

The Ethereum Foundation unveils a mainnet configuration testnet called “Spadina” The testnet — which is described as the “dress rehearsal” before the launch of the mainnet — will run in parallel to Medalla during its three-day lifespan. A dress rehearsal Named after one of the most famous streets of Toronto, the Spadina testnet will offer […]

How on-chain KYC can breathe new life into enterprise blockchain

Widespread crypto adoption by enterprises has the potential to become a self-perpetuating mechanism for public blockchains, creating bigger, stronger networks. Of all the developments in blockchain technology over recent years, enterprise adoption has perhaps been the most anticlimactic. As the initial coin offering bubble started to inflate during 2017, blockchain entrepreneurs and commentators alike were […]

China’s Largest Blockchain Initiative Adopts DAML as Smart Contract Language

The DAML smart contract programming language was developed by Digital Asset, an American blockchain startup. China’s largest blockchain infrastructure initiative, also known as the Blockchain Services Network (BSN), has announced its choice of a unified smart contract programming language, dubbed ‘Digital Asset Modeling Language’, or DAML. The language was developed by Digital Asset, an American […]

China’s reach for digital dominance a wake-up call for US

WHILE many countries are eager for an alternative to US technology dominance, Beijing is taking a lead by launching a new set of global guidelines and formulating a national technology strategy. Part of the strategy is to promote and accelerate advances in blockchain technology, enabling China to influence the development of global networks and standards. […]

Smart Contract platforms continue to evolve in 2020

Smart contract platforms have evolved at pace in 2020. Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem is thriving, Tezos has settled its legal troubles, Binance Chain has seen several projects switch to or launch on its platform, and Tron has announced several new partnerships. In the midst of 2020’s crypto bull run, the leading smart contract platforms continue to […]

Crypto.Com Has Launched a DeFi Exchange Based on Uniswap

Key Takeaways has launched a DeFi swap based on Etherum. Users can trade cryptocurrencies or stake their holdings. The service is separate from’s custodial, centralized exchange, and offers users more control over their funds. Eight Coins Supported The app currently supports eight coins: Ethereum (ETH), Compound (COMP), Token (CRO), Dai (DAI), Chainlink […]

Tether Recovers 1,000,000 USDT for User Who Sent It to Wrong DeFi Address, Here’s What Happened

Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino has taken to Twitter to announce that Tether has recovered and returned 1,000,000 USDT to a user who mistakenly sent it to a wrong DeFi address and thought that the money had been lost forever. The centralized finance (CeFi) platform quickly responded and did its best to help. A user loses 1 […]

DIFC and Dubai Future Foundation partner to back AI and blockchain start-ups

The emirate aims to drive innovation in the financial sector, its third-biggest contributor to GDP Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) signed an agreement to support blockchain and Artificial Intelligence-driven start-ups as the emirate seeks to attract advanced technology companies. The agreement will see the two entities partner on a […]

Many blockchain projects have ‘smoke-and-mirror’ strategies: Avalanche CEO

Too many make strong claims without evidence. Emin Gün Sirer, founder and CEO of the blockchain protocol, Avalanche, took to Twitter to explain why he considers that many blockchain projects keep applying dubious strategies in the industry. Sirer considers that some projects are based on “lots of hype, lots of technical-sounding claims,” partnership with companies […]

Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Brings First DeFi Token Listing to New York

Compound’s token listing on Gemini confirms American regulatory clearance for the DeFi token from the most stringent financial watchdogs in the world. Key Takeaways Gemini crypto listed three new cryptocurrencies on Sept. 11 – PAXG, AMP, and COMP. Compound‘s COMP token listing by Gemini marks the official entry of DeFi in New York, which even […]

Ethereum is About to Make a Big Movement; But Will It Favor Bulls?

Ethereum has been flashing some signs of strength throughout the past few days, with bulls now pushing it back towards its recent highs of $380 The cryptocurrency is slightly outperforming Bitcoin at the moment and does appear to be in a decent technical position One analyst is noting that a confluence of factors seems to […]

Morgan Stanley Strategist Recommends Bitcoin as Central Banks Ramp Up Money Printing

Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s chief strategist and head of emerging markets has recommended bitcoin as an alternative investment to stocks amid central banks’ massive money printing policies. He says that alternative assets, like gold and cryptocurrency, could keep doing well while stocks struggle. Morgan Stanley’s Strategist Discusses Stocks, Gold, and Bitcoin Head of Emerging Markets […]

Ripple can be a profitable investment, here’s why

The price of Ripple (XRP) currently stands around $0.24 which is still far away from the XRP price predictions for 2020 year. Ripple has found strong support above the $0.20 level and the technical picture implies that the price may recover in the upcoming period. If you want to buy Ripple, the current price level […]

Ethereum (ETH) Github Development Rates hit a 7-Month High

Ethereum’s development activity has reached a 7-month high. This is according to an analysis done by the team at Santiment feed. The last time Ethereum’s Github development activity was this high, was in February 2020. This increment in development activity further cements Ethereum as the choice network for DApp developers. Below is the tweet by […]

Mastercard Launches Digital Currency Testing Platform for Central Banks

Mastercard has launched a digital currency testing platform aimed at helping central banks test their digital currencies. The system will also demonstrate how consumers can use central bank digital currencies to pay for goods and services wherever Mastercard is accepted worldwide. Mastercard’s Digital Currency Testing Platform Global payments company Mastercard announced Wednesday the launch of […]

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