Breaking: Crypto Exchange Coinbase Expected to Debut on U.S. Stock Market This Year

Coinbase, the largest exchange in the U.S., is set to debut on the U.S. stock market as soon as in 2020, according to a recent Reuters report. Multiple sources familiar with the matter have confirmed that the Brian Armstrong-led trading platform is in the middle of preparations for its public debut.      The $8 bln crypto behemoth needs […]

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, officially listed Synthetix (SNX) on Thursday, the token associated with the popular decentralized derivatives platform. According to the announcement, trading for SNX/BTC, SNX/BNB, SNX/BUSD and SNX/USDT is now live. Notably, there is no ETH pair included in the listing, despite the project’s ties to the network. “Synthetix is an […]

Here are the fastest growing DeFi apps right now

Dune Analytics data reveals explosive growth in DeFi users since the beginning of summer. DeFi is growing at breakneck speed, and thousands of new users have jumped in on the action in recent weeks. According to recent data from research platform Dune Analytics, the top decentralized finance protocols have shown spectacular growth since June 1. […]

Stablecoin transaction volume reaches new all-time high

The stablecoin adjusted transaction volume hit a new all-time high of $54.9 billion in June—a 13% increase from the $48.2 billion transacted in May. This is the second consecutive month that the stablecoin adjusted transaction volume hit a new all-time high, which indicates that market participants have an increased demand for stablecoins. Most popular stablecoins […]

India will lose the dollar battle if it bans cryptocurrencies

In a recent interview with Digpu News Network, Adv PM Mishra discussed the stance that various countries have regarding cryptocurrency regulations. He spoke about the repercussions that cryptocurrency bans have on countries in the long run. Mishra said that he was invested in knowing how several governments have encouraged regulated cryptocurrencies, adding that he has […]

Sri Lanka Central Bank commences the process of developing a Blockchain Technology based Know-Your-Customer Proof of Concept

July 08, Colombo: The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) entered into agreements to begin the process of developing Blockchain Technology Based Shared Know-Your-Customer (KYC) proofs of concept (POCs) on 7 July 2020. CBSL identified the potential benefit for Sri Lanka’s financial services in 2018 and initiated an inter-industry study of Blockchain Technology, with the […]

Bitcoin weaker than Ethereum, stronger than XRP

For years the top-3 coins in the cryptocurrency market have not changed. Tether might’ve spoiled the three-wheel party of Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP by intruding, but it’s less a cryptocurrency, and more a trading tool. These three coins are regarded as the elite in their own fields – currency, network, and institutions, yet in terms […]

Monex, Inc Launches Crypto CFD Services in Japan

The new service comes after changes to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act in Japan. Monex, Inc. announced this Wednesday that it will begin offering crypto asset contract for difference (CFD) services, thanks to recent changes in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act in Japan. Monex, Inc., a brokerage based in Japan and part of […]

Bitcoin Will Never Be Truly Private Says Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos says Bitcoin will probably never have privacy features like those in Monero. Bitcoin educator Andreas Antonopoulos says he would like to see more privacy features on Bitcoin, but they’re unlikely to happen anytime soon. In a livestream Q&A on Antonopoulos’ YouTube channel on July 7, he said Bitcoin (BTC) was unlikely to ever […]

Dogecoin Volumes Spike 1,900% in 2 Days Amid Viral TikTok Videos

Social media has thrown dogecoin traders a treat. Trading volumes for the Shiba Inu meme-based cryptocurrency spiked nearly 2,000% in the last two days, according to data from Messari, as videos on TikTok encouraged users to invest. The whimsical asset’s price climbed 35% to $0.035 over the same period.  Dogecoin is a “joke cryptocurrency,” according […]

PrimeXBT Comparison: Will DeFi Defy The ICO-Fueled Ethereum All-Time High?

Decentralized finance is growing at a rapid pace, and at the center of it all is Ethereum. Sentiment surrounding the largest altcoin in the cryptocurrency industry, however, is extremely low after a prolonged bear market. The growth in DeFi has brought some positive buzz back to the altcoin, but pundits argue that without another ICO […]

Chinese courts adopt electronic door seals based on blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is being used across wider applications such as electronic door seals in China, with Chinese courts starting to trial the seals, which could allow for real-time video surveillance and immediate alarm based on the cutting-edge technology. Illustration: Luo Xuan/GT Blockchain technology is being used across wider applications such as electronic door seals in […]

Is blockchain breaking the shackles of its bad reputation?

A few years ago at the height of the blockchain boom, scarcely a day would pass without getting a whitepaper about the latest initial coin offering (ICO).  The quality of these ICOs was hugely variable, and their frequency prompted the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to issue a warning for investors that ICOs were being […]

Visa Is Looking for Blockchain Engineers Who Have Worked with Ethereum and Bitcoin

Payments giant Visa is on the lookout for blockchain engineers, according to its recent job posting.   The Fortune 500 company that accounts for 53 percent of all credit card transactions has several open positions in Austin (Texas) and Foster City (California).  The required set of skills   The job description states that Visa is specifically […]

Bitcoin continues to gain traction in Africa, with Kenya being the most bitcoin maximalist country, with 94.7% dominance. The top 10 list also contains Nigeria at the 5th spot and South Africa at the 6th spot. As per Blockchaincenter, Bitcoin remains the most searched coin in all countries, accounting for 90% of all the search […]

Mining Company Ebang’s Stock Listed on Nasdaq Down 11%, Firm Plans to Launch Offshore Exchange

The bitcoin ASIC mining rig manufacturer, Ebang International Holdings, was recently listed on Nasdaq last Friday on June 26. Ebang is now the second mining rig manufacturer to have a U.S. initial public offering (IPO) by selling company shares. Since the initial sale on opening day, Ebang’s Nasdaq-listed “EBON” is down 11.5%. So far, the […]

Japan’s CBDC ‘experiment’ has an eye on China’s progress

The cryptocurrency market has been looking on cautiously as it awaits the launch of a central bank digital currency [CBDC], unsure of what its impact may be on a country. Over the past few months, many countries have taken a step towards understanding, regulating, and launching their own CBDCs, with Japan being one of them. […]

Lithuania Issuing the First CBDC Dubbed LBCOIN, Pre-sale Next Week

In this trial of the state-backed digital currency in everyday use, 24,000 LBCOIN attached with a portrait of people who signed Lithuania’s declaration of independence will be issued in the eurozone. The latest country to not just jump on the central bank digital currency bandwagon but the first one to issue the first such digital […]

$300 million in Tether leaves TRON for Ethereum

Ethereum recently received around $300 million in USDT tokens, which came from the TRON ecosystem. The reason for the move is unknown, but speculators have quite a few ideas about why it happened. The move was made possible thanks to Binance, which caused speculation about its relationship with TRON. Recently,  the crypto industry’s largest and […]

Who is Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is one of the best-known names in the world of cryptocurrency. Vitalik Buterin is one of the best-known names in the world of cryptocurrency. Buterin is the creator of Ethereum, the second-most valuable cryptocurrency network behind Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization. He has been actively involved in the Bitcoin community as a writer and […]

Is Cambodia introducing a blockchain-based digital currency?

The National Bank of Cambodia has released a whitepaper detailing the technical details of its digital payments system The blockchain-based system will be centralized and will also allow P2P transactions After three years of development, the National Bank of Cambodia has revealed the technical details of its upcoming blockchain-based payments system dubbed ‘Project Bakong’ this […]

KyberDAO set to launch on July 7th

Kyber is a liquidity protocol for implementing digital asset token swaps, and will launch its new Decentralized Autonomous Organization on July 7th. The Kyber protocol is designed to aggregate liquidity from a diverse range of sources. In turn, the network provides a single endpoint for takers to seamlessly perform multiple token trades in a single […]

NetCents Technology Engages US Investment Bank Boustead Securities

Boustead will help screen and negotiate potential strategic acquisitions and identify institutional investment for NetCents. NetCents Technology, a blockchain-based payments company today announced that it has engaged Boustead Securities. The Vancouver-headqauerterd firm asked Boustead to help screen and negotiate potential strategic acquisitions for NetCents as well as identify institutional investment for NetCents. “Boustead Securities has […]

Price Volatility Than Ether in Q3, Options Market Data Suggests

Bitcoin may seem to be more volatile than traditional assets but in crypto markets it is considered relatively stable compared to alternative cryptocurrencies.  Bitcoin (BTC) is the biggest cryptocurrency by market value. Not only is it used as the base currency of choice for trading smaller digital assets, it is also less vulnerable to manipulation […]

Ethereum Reaches Its Highest Address Activity Since May 2018. These Are Main Reasons Why

According to data provided by cryptocurrency research firm Santiment, the number of active Ethereum addresses has surged to a two-year peak of 486,000.The last time the second-largest blockchain saw this king of address activity was in May 2018. What’s bolstering Ethereum’s fundamentals?  Notably, the number of Ethereum wallet with at least 0.1 ETH recently touched […]

Beijing to keep eye on digital yuan transactions

The government aims to use blockchain technology to increase its control over citizens’ financial activities China’s digital currency aspirations are both unprecedented and unparalleled, writes Cryptoslate journalist Shaurya Malwa. But judging from recent developments, the advancement of disruptive technology is not China’s motive for spearheading digital currency development. Instead, China wants to leverage blockchain to […]

Blockchain in Banking: OCC Seeks Public Comment

For the first time in a dozen years, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is seeking to update its regulations on digital activities to consider banks’ use of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT), as part of a larger effort regarding banks’ use of technology. On June 4, 2020, the OCC released […]

Cosmos Staking Available on Ledger

Earlier this week, Ledger expand their staking options to include the internet of blockchains, Cosmos (ATOM). Cosmos has been a more frequently found token on the crypto market having been listed CEX and EXMO among others within the last year. While the added support staking on the popular crypto wallet is slightly different in format, […]

Blockchain Can Provide the Right to Privacy That Everyone Deserves

Blockchain technology can help to build a self-sovereign financial system where privacy belongs to the people. Contrary to popular belief, privacy is not for those with something to hide but with everything to lose. Authoritarian governments across the globe are increasingly using surveillance to control their citizens at the expense of personal freedoms and civil […]

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