2 cryptocurrencies to buy right now

Traditional banks continue to increase their investments in cryptocurrencies Bitcoin price has gained over 7% this week as buyers eye $12,500 next Ethereum price is testing the daily resistance at $375 with hopes that this rally could extend above $400 The number of traditional institutional investors that are looking to increase their investments in cryptocurrencies […]

Japanese Obsession With XRP Explains Ripple’s Relocation Interest

The CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse said US regulators are playing a guessing game on cryptocurrencies. In an interview, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse is adamant about his dislike for crypto regulations in the US and has even shortlisted several jurisdictions for relocation. CEO Rails American Regulators Garlinghouse indicated that the company could soon relocate to […]

If you missed out on the early days of Apple and Google, billionaire Paul Tudor Jones has the investment for you

‘It’s like investing with Steve Jobs and Apple or investing in Google early.’ That’s billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones offering his bullish take on bitcoin BTCUSD, -1.19% in an interview on CNBC on Thursday. In fact, he called it the “best inflation trade” out there. “I think we are in the first inning of bitcoin […]

Is PayPal’s Bitcoin Currency Safe for Security Clearance Holders?

PayPal is hopping on the Bitcoin bandwagon with an announcement yesterday that it would allow customers to buy, sell, and hold bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using its online financial services. The move will allow the company to support cryptocurrency payments to the 26 million vendors in its network. PayPal isn’t the first financial services provider […]

Ethereum set to become first blockchain to settle $1 trillion in one year

The Ethereum network is processing more than double the transaction volume of Bitcoin, and is on-course to process $1 trillion this year. The third-quarter decentralized finance (DeFi) boom has resulted in the Ethereum (ETH) network processing more than twice the daily transaction volume of Bitcoin (BTC). According to crypto market data aggregator Messari, the 30-day […]

Bitcoin vs Gold: Which investment favors your portfolio?

I get it. It’s always an either-or decision between Bitcoin and gold, as a pure investment play. Since the commodity and the cryptocurrency each have similar attributes of – a hedge, limited supply, and safe haven, these assets are used to balance the bottomless assets that are stocks, bonds, and cash. But does one edge […]

The next big treasure: Corporations buy up Bitcoin as a treasury reserve

The entry of firms like Square, MicroStrategy and Stone Ridge may open the BTC floodgates and provide “confidence for the rest to follow.” October is a time for surprises. On Oct. 8, right on cue, mobile payments giant Square, which boasts a market cap of $86.6 billion, announced that it had invested $50 million in […]

New data show how dominant Tether has become as a trading pair on crypto exchanges

Bitcoin used to be far and away the most popular trading pair at crypto exchanges. These days, the distinction belongs to Tether. Around 70% of the trading volume at exchanges is now denominated in Tether, while 15% is denominated in bitcoin and another 4% is in other stablecoins.   In the first quarter of 2017, bitcoin […]

How China’s digital currency different from existed widely used e-payments

China’s digital currency has moved steps forward again as 50,000 randomly selected citizens in South China’s Shenzhen received a total of 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) worth of digital currency. That happened on October 12, one day after the second-largest economy announced the plan to build Shenzhen, dubbed as China’s Silicon Valley, to a pilot demonstration […]

BitPanda, the online cryptocurrency exchange, is launching what they call the first “real” cryptocurrency index.

BitPanda, the large online cryptocurrency exchange platform, is launching what they say is the first “real” crypto index, which will be available on the BitPanda platform. BitPanda’s cryptocurrency index is very easy for its users to use and is completely automated to make exposure to the cryptocurrency market as easy as possible. Users will be […]

Institutions backing Bitcoin: what to expect

Although the market was shaken as the regulatory hammer struck BitMEX at the start of October, it has since recovered. Bitcoin, the largest asset did notice sudden pressure given the panic in the market, but it managed to hold on and recover in the following days and reach a value of $11,731, which was unseen […]

Where Does Bitcoin Fit in the Global Reserve Currency Game?

On this “Speaking of Bitcoin” episode, join hosts Adam B. Levine, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy, and Jonathan Mohan for a look at the past, present and future of global reserve currencies. In the beginning there was the global reserve currency (U.S. dollars,) national currencies like the Japanese Yen, alternative currencies like Ithaca hours and just one […]

Monero Hard-Fork Update May Be a Case of ‘Buy the Rumor, Sell the News’

Bitcoin started this week on a bullish note, reaching above $11,700 only to drop to nearly $11,200 level on Friday after crypto exchange OKEx announced that cryptocurrency withdrawals had been suspended. According to the local media, two of the executives, including its founder, Star Xu, arrested by the police, have been released on bail. Star […]

Why Did Satoshi Nakamoto Choose 21M as Bitcoin’s Maximum Supply?

Bitcoin’s maximum supply was set at 21M on day one by Satoshi Nakamoto. What was his reasoning for this benchmark? Bitcoin is famous for being a deflationary currency. Its total circulating supply is capped at 21M and can never be altered. Although many have discussed the reasons for instituting a maximum cap, few know about […]

Blockchain may solve Twitter and Facebook’s moderation issues says Aragon exec

Would decentralized governance save social media platforms from polarizing its users with its politics? Aragon co-founder Luis Cuende told Cointelegraph that the decentralized technology his company has been developing could find its perfect use case on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  In recent months, content moderation practices employed by global social media platforms […]

Japanese Policymaker Downplays Fears of Digital Yuan Dominance

Japan’s top policymakers appear to be disillusioned with the prospect of China running away as the world’s sole power when it comes to CBDC development. This week, a government official praised the response of many countries to the issue of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), explaining that it would make it more difficult for a single […]

Bank of Canada: CBDCs should be ready to go if Libra is blocked

A Bank of Canada executive urges all central banks to develop their central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) if Libra gets blocked by regulators. Timothy Lane, deputy governor of the Bank of Canada (BoC), is advising central banks worldwide to have their CBDCs in place should regulators block Libra coin. Facebook and its partners have been […]

OKEx suspends withdrawals amid security investigation

Digital currency exchange OKEx has suspended withdrawals. In a notice on its website, the exchange said one of its private key holders was cooperating with authorities on an investigation and had been out of touch, which resulted in the withdrawal suspension. OKEx took to Twitter to inform its users that it was suspending withdrawals. However, […]

Five Machine Learning Methods Crypto Traders Should Know About

In a recent article, I discussed the relevance of the machine learning techniques powering the famous OpenAI’s GPT-3 could have for the crypto market. GPT-3 – which can answer questions, perform language analysis and generate text – might be the most famous achievements in recent years of the deep learning space. But, by no means, […]

G7 Bankers Oppose Launch Of Facebook’s Libra Until Properly Regulated

The financial leaders of the world’s seven biggest economies don’t think that Facebook’s Libra stablecoin is ready to launch. On Tuesday, G7 bankers will release a statement opposing the launch until Libra is properly regulated, according to Reuters. Facebook announced its ambitious plans to launch a digital global currency last year, promoting its potential advantages […]

What’s a digital euro? 5 things to know

The European Central Bank is eyeing a digital currency — but there are risks. No cash? No plastic? No problem. Pay in digital euros. The European Central Bank is experimenting with a digital euro that you can spend anywhere, without fear that someone is tracking your purchases. The Frankfurt-based institution posted a questionnaire Monday evening […]

The future of data storage is decentralized

Blockchain based data storage solutions like Filecoin, Siacoin, 0Chain and Storj improve the security and privacy of existing cloud storage solutions. David Freuden investigates. The contemporary best practice approach to data storage is the 3-2-1 rule. The rule states that you should “keep three copies of your data on two types of storage media with […]

Canada, UK, Japan and US release joint CBDC report

A group of central banks from some of the biggest global economies have released a joint report assessing the feasibility of central bank digital currencies. The seven partnered with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) on the report which seeks to offer insight into what is needed for a central bank to roll out a […]

Top DeFi Coins 2020: Biggest DeFi Crypto Token Projects List

A quick review of the top DeFi coins in the 2020 cryptocurrency market as the movement of decentralized finance technology and blockchain-based tokens is reemerging as a major asset class in the new decade. DeFi has pumped new life into crypto over the last 18 months. But the brightest days for decentralized finance (DeFi) still […]

A Complete Guide to Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Cryptocurrency airdrops are fast becoming an integral feature in the crypto scene. An increasing number of crypto investors are taking part in airdrops, but there are many others that have so far steered clear. If you’re one of the latter and you want to know more about the concept of crypto airdrops before taking part, […]

Brave Browser Leads New Global Privacy Standard

Brave and several other web companies are pushing for one-click privacy. Brave, the popular crypto-enabled web browser, has announced its involvement in a new privacy standard called Global Privacy Control. How It Works Global Privacy Control allows users to set a single setting in their browser, which instructs websites not to track, share, or sell […]

The Clock is Ticking for Bitcoin to Make a Massive Move; What Analysts are Saying

Bitcoin’s price has been caught within an incredibly tight consolidation phase over the past few weeks Multiple trend catalysts – both bearish and bullish – have arisen during this time, yet none of them have been able to provide BTC with any notable momentum Analysts are now noting that this won’t last for too much […]

SEC Commissioner Peirce Weighs in Defi Token Regulation Debate: Panel Predicts Defi Will Self Correct in Twelve Months

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner, Hester Peirce says while defi tokens carry some equity-like benefits, she believes that giving something away is distinct from selling something. As a result of this lack of clarity, Peirce says questions about the regulatory structure and how these tokens could affect corporate governance will continue to linger. Speaking […]

Binance overtakes Huobi, OKEx as biggest derivatives exchange

Overall trading volume was down on derivatives exchanges, but one day set a new yearly high Binance has overtaken Huobi and OKEx to become the largest crypto derivatives exchange by volume in the September figures with $164.8 billion across the month, according to the latest report published by U.K.-based data firm CryptoCompare,  CryptoCompare looked at […]

Japan has no plan to issue digital currencies now but will deepen research

Japan has no plans now to issue central bank digital currencies but must deepen research on the possibility, the government’s top spokesman said on Friday. Major central banks across the world are studying the idea of issuing digital currencies amid the popularity of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. “At present, we don’t have any specific plans […]

Africa’s Quiet Cryptocurrency Revolution

Cryptocurrency transactions in Africa are growing rapidly. On a continent that already embraces mobile money, virtual currency offers advantages for a young, tech-savvy population. Africa is undergoing an economic revolution that has nothing to do with banks and despite little sign of outdated economic policies being overhauled. Monthly cryptocurrency transfers to and from Africa under […]

Estonia launches CBDC research after delisting 500 digital currency firms

The Estonian central bank has launched a multi-year research project into the viability of a central bank digital currency. Known as Eesti Pank, the bank believes that a CBDC would give residents and businesses new ways to deposit and use money. The move comes just days after reports of its e-Residency scheme being linked to […]

Bank of China’s CBDC trials crossed 3 million between April and August

1.1 billion RMB worth of CBDC transactions were conducted between April and August. The Chinese government plans on testing out the CBDC in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games. The Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), Fan Yi Fei, shared some insights about the country’s CBDC (central bank digital currency) trials during the […]

DeFi market cap drops 25% in one day

The DeFi markets took a sharp downturn yesterday, with the combined capitalization of DeFi assets falling 25% while volumes shrunk 30%. The decentralized finance (DeFi) bubble continues to deflate, with crypto market data firm Sentiment reporting a 25% crash in the market capitalization of DeFi assets during yesterday alone. In a blog post published Oct. […]

Ethereum hashrate hits a new high of 250 TH/s

The hash rate on the Ethereum network has surged 80% since January, surpassing the previous highs set in August 2018 The amount of computational power needed to process transactions and secure the Ethereum network has spiked to hit a new high. As of writing, the network’s hash rate is more than 250 terahashes per second, […]

Facing Down Big Tech: How Blockchain Social Media Will Topple Zuckerberg

There’s a growing realization that social media has become a destructive influence. But can blockchain social media platforms really make a difference? Big tech isn’t just big anymore. It’s grown into a ravenous Cthulhu-esque beast with its tentacles wrapped around almost every data point in our lives. But in the light of a House Judiciary […]

Google Cloud joins EOS to become a block producer

Google Cloud has started the process of becoming one of EOS’ block producers. Its developer noted that Google Cloud is committed to ensuring all the information on the blockchain. Before it can join EOS, however, Google Cloud will first have to be approved by EOS’ community. Google has decided to delve deeper into the blockchain […]

MetaMask drops the hammer on the DeFi industry

The software for accessing ETH blockchain now supports the token swap feature. The new functionality may become a game-changer in the DEX and DeFi industry. MetaMask dives into DEX business MetaMask is a comprehensive software for accessing Ethereum blockchain and performing various operations within the ETH ecosystem. Developed by the Ethereum dev company ConsenSys, it […]

A 2016-level massive Bitcoin price volatility spike might be near

The Bollinger Band shows the Bitcoin price might see a spike in volatility, similar to 2016’s post-having cycle. For the first time since 2016, the Bollinger Band width of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped below 0.95. The Bollinger Band is a widely utilized technical indicator that evaluates the volatility trend of an asset. It might signify that […]

The popularity and hidden danger of DeFi

Those who pay attention to the cryptocurrency space are likely heard of decentralized finance and the immeasurable wealth that it has created for many people. According to OKLink data, in June 2020, the total value locked on DeFi is only about $1 billion, however, by September, this number had grown to $9.83 billion, recording an […]

5 things to know before investing in bitcoin

Are you thinking of investing in Bitcoins? You need to be mindful of a lot of things. Most of the online trading platforms dealing with Bitcoin are full of scammers. But Bitcoin ERA official got your back. Ultimate precautions are necessary to prevent losing your hard-earned money to fraudsters. Invest in a platform that guarantees […]

All stocks may one day be tokenized: SEC Chairman

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the U.S Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) have yet again provided clarity on the cryptocurrency and blockchain regulations in a webinar. In the webinar, SEC Chairman, Jay Clayton, said that SEC’s “door was wide open” for entities to understand how to “tokenize the ETF […]

YouTubers promote digital token trading

Bitkub tries to make trend flourish locally While many Thais are quick to name their favourite YouTuber, fewer could tell you their favourite cryptocurrency. This is why Thai blockchain startup Bitkub Capital Group Holdings is partnering with five of Thailand’s top YouTube influencers to launch fans tokens ($FANS): free tradable digital tokens that fans can […]

DeFi indexes crash despite strong fundamentals

Binance Futures’ DeFi Composite Index has lost half of its value since launching, while TokenSets’ DeFi Pulse Index is down by one-third. On August 28, Binance Futures launched its DeFi Composite Index, a basket of DeFi tokens that initially comprised 27% Chainlink (LINK) and 11% Aave (LEND) alongside nine other prominent DeFi tokens that made […]

Yes, Ethereum’s falling social volume is good news

According to data recently published by Santiment, the social volume of Ethereum is nearing six-month low levels across social discourse platforms. This would imply that traders are looking for volatility elsewhere to trade. Ethereum Social Volume vs Price Chart Source: Santiment It would appear that ETH’s social volume has been declining since its 2020 peak […]

Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Reaches 75Gb With 2.1 Million ETH Staked

The Medalla Ethereum 2.0 testnet has been running for two months now, and in that time it has grown to 75 gigabytes in size, with over 2 million simulated ETH staked. Following a couple of early glitches, the Medalla testnet has been running smoothly since early August and it has now grown in size to […]

Ethereum 2.0: Buterin presents new plan for 100,000 TPS until phase 1

In a recent post on Ethereum Magicians, Vitalik Buterin has issued a new scaling strategy for Ethereum (ETH) and stated that ETH 2.0 will focus on rollups, plasma and state channel. As Buterin stated, there are already numerous layer 2 solutions that are either about to be launched (Optimism, Fuel, Arbitrum and OMG Network) or […]

Here’s how Tezos has big plans for DeFi

Once among the market’s top-10 cryptocurrencies, Tezos has steadily fallen on the charts to rest at 17th on CoinMarketCap’s list, at press time.  In fact, the market cap for Tezos has dropped from a peak of $3.065 billion in August 2020 to $1.584 billion in October. Despite such a drop in market capitalization, however, investors […]

Estonian central bank to conduct digital currency research

They’re following other central banks, including the European Central Bank, into studying virtual currencies. According to a statement, Eesti Pank partnered with technology companies SW7 Group and Guardtime for the research project. It aims to see if a keyless signature infrastructure (KSI) blockchain solution can run its virtual currency program. Estonia already uses KSI blockchain […]

So how does China feel about DeFi?

Since President Xi Jinping’s announcement last year to prioritize blockchain development in China, the country has been the first to launch its CBDC, created the BSN network, and applied for a record 4,435 blockchain patents. While these seem like big strides forward towards adoption, there is still a ban in place on trading cryptocurrency. The […]

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