4 Promising Blockchain Projects with Upcoming ICOs

Whether you are heavily invested in the cryptocurrency market or act as a curious bystander, it’s no secret that ICO projects are a lucrative investment opportunity. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects have provided many startups with a legitimate chance at making their ideas a reality in the form of new cryptocurrencies and cloud-based services for years. According to Medium, 2019 saw 350 ICOs completed and launched in Q1, a total of which managed to accumulate close to $1 billion in funding, with 19.2% achieving soft and 6% hard caps respectively.

Promising Blockchain ICO Projects

1. Prometheus (PRO)

Prometheus created an MVP which will serve as a base to the platform where users can simply connect to their database, select items which they want to transfer to a blockchain along with the type (Prometheus, Ethereum, Stellar, Cardano) and opt for one-off or continuous action. It will also be possible for the process to work in reverse: to transfer data from the blockchain into the database. Users and companies will be able to transfer parts of their operations to a blockchain, which will enable affordable use for this cutting-edge technology in the business world. prometheus.business

2. Blockchain of Things (BOTS)

If you are familiar with the Internet of Things (IOT) technologies, BOTS will be right up your alley with its ICO project and ongoing blockchain research and development. The platform aims to provide a safe and flexible playground for programmers and developers to build blockchain-based projects via its cloud-based service with the intent to solve pressing global issues. Recently, the platform has extended its functionality to allow for both businesses and individuals to create blockchain-based applications of their own. BOTS and its ICO project are currently underway so you should explore the ways in which you can pitch in, whether as a backer or a developer sooner rather than later. botschain.io

3. Levblockchain (LVE)

It’s often difficult for young and passionate individuals to break into industries such as FinTech and build a career for themselves. However, Levblockchain is a blockchain-based platform that hopes to provide a spotlight for bright individuals with goals to become an integral part of the FinTech scene. Among other goals, Levblockchain aims to provide up-and-coming FinTech experts the research tools, services and infrastructure they need to help each other launch businesses, projects and startups with Levblockchain as their facilitator. The project is based on noble goals and its ICO is currently open for new backers so make sure to explore what Levblockchain is all about if you identify with their mission statement. lveblockchain.org

4. 2local (L2L)

Sustainability and prosperity for everyone on a global level is a worthy goal for any startup or company. This is why 2local has made it its purpose to provide a way for consumers to connect with brands that offer sustainable goods and services via its service platform. The development roadmap of 2local showcases the company’s goals to create B2B relations with likeminded companies in 2020 with a successful 1.0 launch shortly afterward. 2local has made this possible via its L2L tokens which allow consumers to get a cashback for any sustainable purchase made through its currency. The blockchain-based business and its ICO funding are taking place in several stages, meaning that there is plenty of opportunity for investment and participation in this promising project. 2local.io

Explore viable choices and settle for a candidate whom you can identify with before you back a project with your own funds and become an investor. Whether you are interested in the above-discussed blockchain-based ICOs or some of their contemporaries in Big Data or AI, it’s no secret that potential is hidden in ICO funding.

Be on the lookout for current and upcoming ICO projects open to public backers and you will undoubtedly hit on the next big thing when you least expect it.


4 Promising Blockchain Projects with Upcoming ICOs
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