blazes a new path for ICOs with securities-backed token offering

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are the latest craze to sweep the world of finance and technology. Startups and blockchain enthusiasts have raised over USD 3.5 billion this year through ICOs.

According to a report by CNBC, the amount of money raised by ICOs even surpassed early stage venture capital funding in the months of June and July this year.

It’s worth pointing out that most ICOs raise funds by offering utility tokens that give investors access to an upcoming service or application. Many of these services ands applications are still being built.

Bucking the trend

Enter, a profitable and debt-free company founded in 1999. It has recorded a turnover of over USD 3 billion since it launched its patented binary options trading platform in 2000.

The ICO aims to buck the trend by offering securities-backed tokens that reward you with dividend payments directly tied to the company’s financial performance –– just like shares. It distributed nearly USD 12 million in dividends to its shareholders last year.

Furthermore, its tokens can also be converted into ordinary shares, signaling its intent to provide prospective investors with tangible financial benefits. blazes a new path for ICOs with securities-backed token offering
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