Bitfoliex -Project to keep in mind in 2020

It started as a virtual cryptocurrency wallet. Now, they are developing several projects and alliances to become a complete online financial platform combining fiat money with cryptocurrencies.

Although it is a new project (launched at the end of 2018), Bitfoliex has had exponential growth and a wide range of acceptance among users and new members of the cryptocurrency community.

In mid-January 2020, they had more than 900,000 holding accounts.

In addition, Bitfoliex created a referral program that rewards TXT Airdrops to members who refer people to the bitfoliex community. The program rewards the users that refer as well as the users who accept the invitation by creating and verifying a new account in Bitfoliex. The community strength of this financial platform is reflected in the referral program, the number of constantly growing users, and the continuous presence of the project in multiple professional blockchain and cryptocurrency events around the world.

Bitfoliex -Project to keep in mind in 2020
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