BitTorrent, Bolt, Matic Lead List of Most Popular New Coin on Twitter in 2020

BitTorrent lead a list of the top of the most news popular coins discussed on Twitter this year. The chart which was posted by ICO analytics on their Twitter handle on January 24th.

The chart which displayed the top 20 most discussed new coins in January was compiled from a list of around 100 coins listed between 2019 to 2020.  According to the chart, BitTorrent took the lead with 13% engagement followed by Bolt and Matic.

These three coins are considered the most discussed within the crypto space on Twitter within the time frame.

Tron has done a good job in promoting BitTorrent within the crypto community

BitTorrent is regarded as one of the most promoted blockchain projects within the crypto space. This is not surprising since it is powered by Tron network headed by Justin Sun.

BitTorrent enjoyed a positive 2019 with Tron initially giving out 1,000,000 BTT as part of its bounty giveaway last February.  Since then the platform has continued to be pushed on Twitter with latest milestones and achievements promoted heavily by Tron.

Tron launched BitTorrent Live the first blockchain-backed live stream platform in September and it was recently revealed that the number of BitTorrent android users had reached the 100 million mark.

Bolt and Matic have enjoyed recent developments

Bolt is regarded as one of the fast rising blockchain projects that has a budding growing userbase. The platform which is built on Zilliqa blockchain focuses on delivering video content to developing regions in the world that are constrained by bandwidth problems.

The platform has emerged as a popular blockchain within developing countries and this could account for its engagement within the crypto space in January.

Matic meanwhile is an Ethereum based blockchain that aims to make smart contracts and DApps development easier. The platform has undergone massive promotion in recent months and counts popular blockchain platform MakerDao as one of its partners.

Its partnership with Whitebit a crypto exchange with over 150,000 users worldwide has increased the visibility of its token.

BitTorrent, Bolt, Matic Lead List of Most Popular New Coin on Twitter in 2020
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