Cardano Releases Roadmap for August, Q4 2020, Envisions Greater 2021

The co-founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, in a recent update, presented a step by step roadmap that would be followed by the Cardano network in implementing its next phases of projects from August till the end of Q4 2020.

Charles had already declared a launch date for the hard fork of Cardano that will escort the blockchain network into the Shelley era from Bryon.

According to the latest release, Cardano will be focusing on integration with exchanges and lots of work on the wallet backend in August following the hard fork release.

The next phase would see the core ledger team scale up to roll out a peer-to-peer for Cardano, and it would be followed by the decentralization of parameters by running a series of profiling experiment to turn on the Shelley inbuilt governance into achieving a full peer-to-peer state.

Speaking further, Hoskinson explained that all the Cardano development team from the protocol design team to the consensus team will be monitoring the network closely in the month of August to ensure that everything goes on as planned, adding that the simulation has indicated that everything will go as planned.

However, on a personal note, Hoskinson said he would be taking some time off in August to prepare for an upcoming Cardano summit that would feature the launch of a new project tagged Goguan. The new Goguan is similar to the recent Goguen project of the network.

Talking about the plans of the Cardano network for the rest of the year 2020, Hoskinson explained that the network will be spending the remaining few months in the year to get things aligned for the development of new dapps and bring in new developers into the Cardano ecosystem in preparation for a big hit in 2021.

Hoskinson foresees that next year would be a year of clash for titans in the crypto industries.

For the rest of the year, Cardano would be clearing backlogs with deadlifts to introduce the next generation protocol alongside multi-asset and numerous Pluto specific features into the Cardano ecosystem to make the blockchain network special, great and attractive to investors, Charles said.

Cardano Releases Roadmap for August, Q4 2020, Envisions Greater 2021

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