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Coinbase CEO says the exchange won’t list Monero due to regulatory concerns

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that the exchange will not list Monero (XMR) due to regulatory issues. He said that as privacy coins gain wider acceptance, Coinbase’s team would consider listing them.  Huobi and Bithumb exchanges delisted XRM earlier following negative allegations. XMR/USD goes up by 14.10% over the last five days. Brian Armstrong, the […]

Ethereum Price Dropped 25% Then Surged 27% In Just 15 Minutes: What Happened?

Ethereum’s rally peaked at $418 on Aug. 2 only to crash to $302 within 10 minutes on Binance Futures, a 25% drop in one day. It rebounded to $385, a 27% upsurge in five minutes. Ethereum’s volatility coincided with Bitcoin’s, which dropped from $12,000 to $10,600 within 15 minutes. Analysts are pointing to Ethereum’s historical charts and […]

Hong Kong’s Diginex eyes Nasdaq listing via reverse merger

Digital currency company Diginex is going public on the Nasdaq stock exchange in September via a reverse merger. The Hong Kong-based firm is merging with 8i Enterprises Acquisition Group ($JFK) to go public. The deal between the two companies was first announced in July 2019, and Diginex was expected to begin publicly trading in March […]

Ethereum 2.0 Medalla Testnet Expected Tomorrow: ETH Nearing $400

The wild ride over the weekend on crypto markets was largely driven by Ethereum, which has climbed 70% in less than a fortnight to top out at a two-year high. With the final ETH 2.0 testnet launch imminent, can it reclaim that high? Ethereum prices hit a two-year peak of $410 on Sunday. Ethereum has […]

Bitcoin hits $100,000 on Binance futures

On Binance, bitcoin quarterly futures hit a high just shy of $100,000 – $99,964. While sudden moves like these aren’t new, it had been forgotten due to the slow, sideways moving price devoid of volatility. With over a billion dollars worth of positions liquidated in a minor $1,400 move by Bitcoin, volatility is back. While […]

Digital bank Revolut lists a new cryptocurrency

Revolut, a UK-based online bank and fintech firm, recently revealed that it added a new cryptocurrency to its list of supported coins. The new coin that was only listed earlier today is Stellar (XLM). Digital bank Revolut lists XLM Following the move, Revolut released a press statement, noting the new addition to its offering. It […]

Former Chinese banker urges that digital currency substitutes all currencies

Former Chinese banker supports digital currency Digital currency should substitute all currencies as much as possible to support profound monetary operation reforms, an influencer in China’s financial sector said over the weekend.  The push for digital currency might start with positioning it as a substitute for M0, or cash in circulation, but it shouldn’t be […]

Defi Is So Hot Ethereum Fees Just Surpassed Levels Unseen Since 2017

The total value locked in decentralized finance (DeFi) has surpassed $4 billion. With it, the transaction fees to miners on the Ethereum network has surged to levels unseen for three years. Citing Glassnode’s on-chain data, market analysts at Unfolded wrote: “The total amount of fees paid to miners are above the [2017] craze. In July, […]

Crypto Goes Mainstream: OCC Says Banks Can Provide Crypto Custody Services

On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks reaffirmed his interest in being seen as an agent of modernization in a letter clarifying the authority of national banks and federal savings associations to provide cryptocurrency services for customers. The letter from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (“OCC”) discusses […]

Putin Signs Law Giving Cryptocurrency Legal Status in Russia

Russia’s bill to regulate cryptocurrencies has been signed into law by President Vladimir Putin. The new law gives legal status to cryptocurrency but prohibits its use as a means of payment. Russian Crypto Bill Signed Into Law Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law Friday the bill that regulates digital financial asset (DFA) transactions, Russian […]

Blockchain-based IP Protection Application Gets Investment

A blockchain startup is leveraging the technology to protect content creators and maintain copyright over their works. Blockchain venture capital fund NEM Ventures has reportedly invested in SharpShark, a Chilean startup leveraging the Symbol blockchain platform to offer timestamping solutions for content creators to protect their intellectual properties. It will also allow them to tokenize […]

Google Cloud has joined forces with many different blockchain projects—most recently Ontology, an ID and data blockchain.

Google Cloud, the data analytics division of Google, has taken on a blockchain-friendly mission over the past few years. Instead of reporting data in a basic sense, the division is focusing on the “big picture,” handling blockchain data in new ways while also serving various projects. Below, we’ve listed every blockchain partnership it has become […]

Chainlink Gunning for All-Time Highs, Stiff Resistance Ahead

Chainlink appears to have shrugged off the FUD around LINK as technicals suggest that it is about to breakout to new all-time highs Chainlink is ready to resume its uptrend after suffering a two-week decline that gutted LINK prices by 28%. The charts show that Chainlink is gunning for all-time highs, but there’s stiff resistance […]

The Correlation Between Ethereum and Bitcoin Finally Breaks: Here’s What It Suggests

The correlation between Ethereum and Bitcoin has dropped off, data from Skew shows. It could suggest that the market is maturing as it enters a new phase. Researchers at Skew said: “Short-term correlation between Bitcoin and ether is dropping further. Is this officially the end of a nearly three years long high correlation regime and […]

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance launches its debit card in Ireland

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is launching its debit card in Ireland, joining an ever-growing market of new fintech services. Binance Card is entering a crowded field for consumer fintech products where mainstays such as Revolut and N26 have amassed sizeable user numbers here, while Coinbase, another cryptocurrency firm, launched its card last year. Chinese-founded but Malta-headquartered […]

Five Years Since Launch, Is Ethereum Creating a New Boom?

A look into DeFi versus ICOs as another year passes for Ethereum. The Ethereum network has just turned five years old. Although the project was first announced at the North American Bitcoin Conference in January 2014, its genesis block was only mined on July 30, 2015. Since then, Ether (ETH) has become the dominating altcoin […]

Binance Opens Fiat-to-Crypto Trading Platform for the Australian Market; Ran by TravelbyBit Exec

Binance has launched a new fiat-to-crypto platform for the Australian market, a move that will enable its users from the down south to be able to buy digital assets as well as trade them against the local currency, AUD. The crypto exchange announced the milestone in a blog post on July 28, noting that Australians […]

Bitcoin Is Rising Again. Asking Why Takes You Down the Financial Rabbit Hole – Jack Hough

I think I’m ready to issue my next Bitcoin prediction. I’m consistently wrong, which makes this a valuable service. In mid-February, after Bitcoin had shot from $4,000 to $10,000 in a year, I raised the question here of whether speculative excess might push it still higher. Then it fell by half in a month. I […]

Huawei seeks patent for blockchain-powered storage

China’s Huawei continues to invest in blockchain technology as it seeks to join the global leaders in the rapidly growing enterprise blockchain industry. In its latest move, the tech giant filed patent applications for the use of blockchain in its storage devices. Huawei followed in the footsteps of its rival Samsung in investing in blockchain […]

Binance Now Sending Out Its Debit Cards

Binance’s move into the payment card space takes flight as cards go out for delivery. After months of waiting, planning and testing, Binance has begun delivering its debit cards to customers. “This started shipping in limited quantities as of yesterday, I heard,” Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, said in a July 25 […]

Ethereum Turns Five. Here’s What Vitalik Buterin Expects to Happen in Next Five Years

Five years ago, Ethereum’s genesis block was mined into existence on July 30, 2015. image by @etherchain_org In only seven months, Ether went on to become the second-biggest cryptocurrency that firmly holds onto this spot up to this day.       A retrospective look Ethereum was launched with an ambitious goal — to decentralize everything on the internet […]

DeFi is smaller than most digital assets – Messari

Messari researcher Ryan Watkins has compared the market values of DeFi protocols to other cryptocurrencies. The combined total value locked in DeFi is around $3.71 billion. Watkins concluded that DeFi needs capital reallocation.  Messari researcher, Ryan Watkins, shed some light on how small the decentralized finance (DeFi) market is compared to other digital assets.  The […]

Bitrue Is First Exchange to Support Cardano’s Shelley Hard Fork

The Bitrue team has published an article on its blog, saying that the crypto exchange is prepared to integrate support for the Cardano hard fork scheduled for July 29 and will be the first platform to support Shelley. Bitrue to offer users 7% APR on their ADA As was detailed in the article, Bitrue will be […]

Visa’s bitcoin move brings timely boost for crypto community

Cryptocurrency’s journey towards mass adoption has sometimes appeared in danger of being derailed during the past 12 months but there have been enough positives to maintain momentum and, in the past week, an announcement from Visa was nothing short of a turbo boost. The global payments giant has shown its strongest crypto commitment yet by […]

Ethereum Turns Five. Here’s What Vitalik Buterin Expects to Happen in Next Five Years

Five years ago, Ethereum’s genesis block was mined into existence on July 30, 2015. image by @etherchain_org In only seven months, Ether went on to become the second-biggest cryptocurrency that firmly holds onto this spot up to this day.       A retrospective look Ethereum was launched with an ambitious goal — to decentralize everything on the internet […]

Beijing Certificate Authority launches blockchain security assessment for finance

The Beijing Certificate Authority has announced a new Blockchain Security Assessment Service, after winning approval from the Chinese central government to work in the finance sector. Its Blockchain Security Assessment is aimed at helping Chinese companies exploring blockchain to validate the strength of their security, and to identify potential vulnerabilities. Certificate authorities issue digital certificates […]

More Bitcoin Investors are Storing their BTC Offline

The amount of Bitcoin stored in crypto exchanges by investors continues to be low despite BTC bulldozing past $10,000 and $11,000. Usually, when Bitcoin breaks significant resistance levels, investors and particularly BTC miners, send their hard-earned Bitcoin to cash in on a major move such as the one witnessed from $9,100 levels to $11,400. Surprisingly, […]

More Ether Holders Are in Profit Than There Are BTC Addresses in Total

Ethereum addresses in profit now exceed the total number of addresses with a Bitcoin balance. With Ethereum’s recent price rise above $300, there are now more ETH addresses in profit than the total number of addresses holding any amount of Bitcoin. Blockchain statistics indicate that the total number of ETH addresses in the green is […]

Cardano Launches Shelley Mainnet, Offers Staking Rewards to All

Cardano’s Shelley upgrade offers staking rewards, with possible returns of 4.65% per year. Cardano’s Shelley mainnet went live on July 29 at 21:44 UTC This upgrade introduces staking, which allows users to invest their ADA cryptocurrency and earn interest With staking complete, Cardano must now introduce governance features, custom tokens, and applications Cardano launched its […]

Swiss Exchange SIX Lists Actively Managed Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Product

Switzerland’s principal stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange is listing a new bitcoin exchange-traded product (ETP). The BTCA index, otherwise known as the “Bitcoin Capital Active ETP (BTCA),” is different from other crypto ETPs exchanged on SIX because it’s an “actively managed” cryptocurrency ETP. SIX Swiss Exchange, based in Zurich is one Switzerland’s most popular stock […]

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