The Future of Cryptocurrency

CoinGeek Zurich takes a look at the History of Money and Future of Bitcoin

Despite what some laser-eyed zealots might have you believe, Bitcoin wasn’t designed to eliminate central banks from the economic picture, and Bitcoin may one day help banks acquire many tools they currently wish they had. The final panel of Day 1 of the CoinGeek Conference in Zurich featured a lively discussion of The History of […]

Moonstake Partners with Uzbekistan Government-licensed Exchange UzNEX by KOBEA Group

SINGAPORE, Jun 9, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Moonstake today announces it has entered a partnership with Uzbekistan government-approved cryptocurrency exchange UzNEX that is operated by KOBEA Group, a leading technology firm focused on developing solutions for the digital economy including blockchain. Through this collaboration, the two will focus on developing blockchain community programs as […]

Diginex is going public on Nasdaq

The Diginex acquisition of 8i Enterprise Acquisition Group has been voted on and given the green light by 8i Enterprise Acquisition Group shareholders. During the shareholder vote on September 15th, over 80% of shareholders voted in favor of the acquisition. As a result, Diginex will become a publicly-traded company on the Nasdaq stock exchange later […]

Are Bitcoin users finding more use in its tokenized form?

Bitcoin has been one cryptocurrency that has been constantly in demand. Recently, Bakkt Bitcoin futures marked an all-time high in the physically settled Bitcoins, while the tokenized version of Bitcoin has been peaking in decentralized finance [DeFi]. Even though the spot market may appear dull at the moment, major activities were going on in the […]

How on-chain KYC can breathe new life into enterprise blockchain

Widespread crypto adoption by enterprises has the potential to become a self-perpetuating mechanism for public blockchains, creating bigger, stronger networks. Of all the developments in blockchain technology over recent years, enterprise adoption has perhaps been the most anticlimactic. As the initial coin offering bubble started to inflate during 2017, blockchain entrepreneurs and commentators alike were […]

China’s Largest Blockchain Initiative Adopts DAML as Smart Contract Language

The DAML smart contract programming language was developed by Digital Asset, an American blockchain startup. China’s largest blockchain infrastructure initiative, also known as the Blockchain Services Network (BSN), has announced its choice of a unified smart contract programming language, dubbed ‘Digital Asset Modeling Language’, or DAML. The language was developed by Digital Asset, an American […]

China’s reach for digital dominance a wake-up call for US

WHILE many countries are eager for an alternative to US technology dominance, Beijing is taking a lead by launching a new set of global guidelines and formulating a national technology strategy. Part of the strategy is to promote and accelerate advances in blockchain technology, enabling China to influence the development of global networks and standards. […]

DIFC and Dubai Future Foundation partner to back AI and blockchain start-ups

The emirate aims to drive innovation in the financial sector, its third-biggest contributor to GDP Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) signed an agreement to support blockchain and Artificial Intelligence-driven start-ups as the emirate seeks to attract advanced technology companies. The agreement will see the two entities partner on a […]

Ethereum is About to Make a Big Movement; But Will It Favor Bulls?

Ethereum has been flashing some signs of strength throughout the past few days, with bulls now pushing it back towards its recent highs of $380 The cryptocurrency is slightly outperforming Bitcoin at the moment and does appear to be in a decent technical position One analyst is noting that a confluence of factors seems to […]

Morgan Stanley Strategist Recommends Bitcoin as Central Banks Ramp Up Money Printing

Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s chief strategist and head of emerging markets has recommended bitcoin as an alternative investment to stocks amid central banks’ massive money printing policies. He says that alternative assets, like gold and cryptocurrency, could keep doing well while stocks struggle. Morgan Stanley’s Strategist Discusses Stocks, Gold, and Bitcoin Head of Emerging Markets […]

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