Chinese Regulators Question 8 Crypto Companies in Shenzhen

Authorities in Shenzhen have started pressuring crypto businesses operating in China’s tech capital. Eight companies, two suspected operators of trading platforms, and six entities allegedly associated with coin offerings, have been placed under inquiry, Chinese media revealed, with authorities reportedly questioning their representatives at a meeting hosted by Shenzhen Financial Regulatory Bureau.

Exchanges and ICOs Under Inquiry

Shortly after embracing blockchain, the Chinese government moved to demonstrate it hasn’t changed its negative stance on cryptocurrencies, trading venues and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

For example, the Shanghai branch of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) announced last month the strengthening of “supervision and control to crack down on virtual currency transactions.” A study led by the central bank concluded that only 4,000 out of 28,000 blockchain firms are actually working with blockchain technology. The “Bluebook on Blockchain” report claims that as many as 25,000 entities have attempted to issue tokens.

Chinese Regulators Question 8 Crypto Companies in Shenzhen
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