Crypto Analyst States Two New Altcoins that will Rule the Market with BTC, ETH, LINK

A renowned cryptocurrency analyst, Josh Rager, had declared bullishness for two newly developed low-cap coins know as Tokens of Babel (TOB) and Antiample (XAMP); both coins were created by a pseudonymous developer identified as Bill Drummond.

Rager, who is also a co-founder at Blockroots, a leading cryptocurrency trading platform, explained that Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Chainlink will soon resume their uptrend in as much as BTC stays above the $10,500 range, he added that he believes that the two new Altcoins XAMP and TOB would also witness upsurge too and rally to all-time high.

Tokens of Babel (TOB) is an Ethereum based token designed to introduce a new twist to coin burns known as rebasing, with an idea of burning TOB tokens after some certain conditions have been met without affecting the holders share. Holders who hold a certain percent of the assets would always remain the owner but there would be a decrease in the number of TOB in circulation, this strategy was put in place to gradually increase the token price via scarcity.

However, Antiample (XAMP) is a token with a unique feature. It was designed with the approach to constantly destroy some coins to experience deflationary forces impact. A direct decrease in XAMP price automatically reduce the number of the coin in circulation.

Speaking from a technical angle, Rager says he strongly believes that the two new Altcoins are enriched with potentials that would make them shine in the crypto space soon.

Bitcoin to hit $50,000 Soon, Says Former-VP at JP Morgan Chase

Meanwhile, a former Vice President at JP Morgan Chase, Tone Vays, in another development declared that he feels Bitcoin is on the road to reach a new all-time high of $50,000. The crypto expert made this disclosure in the latest segment of “Trading the Markets”.

Certain drivers that will push the noble coin to its new high, Tone Vays averred, stating that the fractal of the leading crypto asset is already taking shapes. Vays said that he became more confident that BTC would go as high as $50,000 after the massive capitulation that took place in March.

Crypto Analyst States Two New Altcoins that will Rule the Market with BTC, ETH, LINK
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