Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitpanda Trolls Brits Over Brexit

After years of back-and-forth over Britain’s departure from Europe, the day for the UK to officially leave the EU is here. Austrian cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda clearly isn’t too fond of the nation’s decision.

Bitpanda Shares Its Thoughts

Some respondents to the above tweet took issue with the exchange taking a side politically. One commented that the centralization of power in the European Union stands at odds with the distributed nature of cryptocurrency.

The Austria-based exchange platform replied, stating that the uncertainty the situation has caused, coupled with the relatively high numbers of younger people voting to remain in the EU, inspired the campaign.

BeInCrypto was unable to find out the location of the digital billboard in the above tweet. However, a second example, posted today, is clearly in the UK’s capital city. Bitpanda has had a London office since 2018. The following photograph is of the Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, London.

As BeInCrypto reported yesterday, cryptocurrency exchanges have been hastily preparing for Brexit over recent months. Coinbase is switching banks to the Central Bank of Ireland and will be making changes to its e-money service.

Similarly, Binance set up offices in Jersey in January of 2019 in anticipation of Britain’s departure. Meanwhile, some commentators think that Bitcoin could rise as a result of the uncertainty caused by the political event.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitpanda Trolls Brits Over Brexit
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