Cryptocurrency trading is good business investment for Nigerians – Odum Chijioke

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Odum Chijioke John, Chief Executive Officer of one of Nigeria’s e-commerce companies who deals in crypto currency trading and Gift cards exchange has reaffirmed his belief in the business, saying it is a good investment Nigerians can take advantage of.

Talking about his personal experience before founding his company, Chiji14xchange, He said, “ “I was introduced to bitcoin around February 2017 and at that time, one bitcoin was worth almost $900.

But today, the value of that amount is worth $7,150, which is a whopping $6200 profit. I can confidently say that no other asset can boast of such growth during this stipulated period,” he said , adding that many International exchanges have even come to operate in Nigeria.

Comparing it to stocks, he said, “Bitcoin Investment is like buying digital assets on the internet as it does not even require a government license or certificate.

On the other hand, stock investments are majorly influenced by the company involved and its profit and performance for a given period of time.

It’s easier to buy bitcoin than stocks. You can buy and invest in bitcoin peer to peer but you can’t do same with stocks. Bitcoin trading is 24/7. Stock market opens on Monday and closes on Friday.

Some nations don’t have access to buying stocks in USA for instance but Bitcoin is border less hence any one from any part of the world with a smart phone connected to the Internet can buy bitcoin without Government restrictions. Stock investments are great if done right but I will choose bitcoin over stocks any day.

Odum Chijioke John, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Chiji14xchange was born November 15, 1994. He is from Mbaukwu in Awka South local government of Anambra State but grew up in Lagos, lives and works in the city.

He had both his primary and secondary education in Lagos; Golden Light Primary School, Ejigbo and Omatseye Tuedor Memorial College, respectively. He attended Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Imo State where he bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.

He is single, a christian and a lover of football and travelling.

Cryptocurrency trading is good business investment for Nigerians – Odum Chijioke
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