Details Of Recent Cryptocurrency News From Germany

There has been a lot happening in the world of cryptocurrency, and blockchain in Germany over the past week. A telecom company is looking at providing a blockchain-as-a-service marketplace, German financial authorities propose carrying out a plant inspection using blockchain, and lots more. 

Below is a collection of some of the news from Germany dating from November 3-10.

Highlights Of The News 

Federal Banking Commissioner gives Libra warning 

Joachim Wuermeling, the Federal Banking Commissioner in charge of banking supervision, has warned that the release of Libra stable coin could act as a catalyst of financial crisis in several areas in the future. 

He said that “under certain circumstances, Libra could to a certain extent displace the money currently being used, thus having consequences for consumers, banks, the financial system, and monetary policy.”

T-Systems to offer blockchain solutions to companies in Malta. 

Deutsche Telekom’s IT service subsidiary T-systems has partnered with Maltese business agency Malta Enterprise. The Partnered in order to offer a blockchain-as-a-service marketplace to local companies. The agency is an extension of the Maltese Government, and it is responsible for both foreign investment and local economic development. 

The CEO of the Malta Enterprise, Kurt Farugia said; 

“This collaboration with T-Systems will give companies a competitive advantage over other jurisdictions while adding more value to the already established blockchain ecosystem. The companies using T-System’s GBE services will receive certification from Malta for their project Digital Innovation Authority. The cooperation with T-Systems will further strengthen Malta’s reputation as a solid blockchain jurisdiction.”

Bafin Launches a market survey into crypto derivatives 

The BaFin survey is aimed at all market participants, such as investors, issuers, consumer protection associations, and interest groups. The survey was carried out by BaFin to create “a detailed picture of the market of derivatives featuring cryptocurrencies as an underlying asset and its potential risks.”. The survey contains 19 questions in five subject blocks.

Details Of Recent Cryptocurrency News From Germany
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