Ethereum Price to Hit $10,000 in Next Bull Run, Crypto Trader Claims

While ETH is still trading at $127, a crypto trader is convinced that when the next bull run is here, Ether will surge to hit $10,000, will ETH 2.0 help with that?

Ethereum has not been in its best shape recently. Since the collapse from the all-time high of early 2018, when ETH price touched the level of $1,300, it faced congestion from CryptoKitties, while the price kept going down, then it ‘gave birth’ to its major rivals – Tron and EOS.

Not long ago, it was reported that Ethereum intends to stop financing some of its dev teams next year over lack of funds.

However, recently the much-anticipated hard fork Istanbul took place and now Vitalik Buterin has voiced a plan of switching the network to Ethereum 2.0 without much pain. Now, one of crypto traders on Twitter has assumed that in the course of the next bull run Ethereum is going to hit the jaw-dropping price of $10,000.

‘It’s going to hit $10,000’: crypto trader

A crypto trader @BTC_Macro seems ultra-bullish on the second biggest coin by market capital and claims that regardless of the market’s attitude to Ethereum, it will go through the roof when the next bull run starts and will hit $10,000 (the close target for Bitcoin at the moment).

At the moment, the Ethereum community is looking forward to another major upgrade on the chain after the recently implemented Istanbul – Ethereum 2.0.

Many believe that it is going to improve the performance of the ETH blockchain to a great extent and hope that it will give the ETH price bullish momentum.

The financial agency Weiss Ratings gives it to Vitalik Buterin for his recent suggestion regarding data migration to Ethereum 2.0 but says that the technical details still need to be sorted out.

Ethereum Price to Hit $10,000 in Next Bull Run, Crypto Trader Claims
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