How Close is the Crypto Market to a 2017-Like Bull Run?

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While things haven’t been the same since 2017, the crypto space seems poised to have an epic rise. The reason for this is because the markets are evolving. We no longer have the playful nerd-like form to the issues within but rather we have a mature and balanced approach to things.

As such, we shall have a bull run but not in the way everyone is expecting. We need to consider the fact that cryptocurrencies aren’t what they used to be. The age of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) model seems to be all but over. The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) model seems to be struggling but it shall get there. 

The altcoin space is still begetting quandaries. Many people within the crypto space still don’t have a grasp of some of the concepts behind key projects. This is the reason why the new major bullish phase is yet to come. 

Once understanding starts to set in, we’ll see a rise in the total market capitalization of the crypto space. This is why Bitcoin dominance is rocketing higher. Few people truly understand what the altcoins are about. Hence, we have dominance and no gigantic bull run.

The Bull run this time could be in successive phases over time. We shall also have to contend with government regulations now that the crypto space has captured everyone’s attention. Governments still don’t understand how to deal with the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies.

Hard forks are going to bring in innovation for older projects as new projects with newer technologies also enter the scene. Capital flows from all sides will begin to flow into the crypto space and remain there. This time, there shall be many ways to collect assets without having any issues to exit the ecosystem. The new bull run will be a mix of old crypto projects and new ones. There are new ways to hold capital within the crypto space.

This would draw the awareness of other investors and just about everybody. Then the new question that everyone would ask is if there is any untouched space left. Thus the Goldrush shall start but with higher amounts of capital and slower momentum this time.

How Close is the Crypto Market to a 2017-Like Bull Run?
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