Investing in cryptocurrencies – Top trend in 2020

Investing in cryptocurrencies is the most powerful trend in the world over the past 50 years. Today, many people compare this asset to gold (gold rush), and according to a survey, more than 50% of investors would prefer to invest in Bitcoin instead of gold. More than 76% of cryptocurrency holders are confident in the whale forecasts, that the cost of bitcoin in the next few years will reach $ 250,000 per 1 BTC.

The creators of cryptocurrencies themselves and many billionaire investors call them a bubble, however, no one can stop it’s growth. Even states have to adapt to the avalanche trend and develop their own currencies based on the blockchain decentralization system.

It is difficult to talk about future, but at the moment even grandmothers know about Bitcoin, and price of the new money  continues to rise. If you do not want to acquire electronic wallets, to delve into the essence of new technologies, if it is difficult for you, you can just invest in different cryptocurrencies via exchange brokers, because it is very affordable and does not require large expenses. In addition, brokers offer leverage, which will increase your profit.

In addition to brokers, in 2019 fully automated platforms based on neural networks began to appear. That is, the analysis of coin rates, charts, ICO / IEO is not done by brokers, but by artificial intelligence.

Firstly, unlike people, the chance of a neural network error tends to zero.

Secondly, a blockchain-based neural network, unlike a trader, will not be able to fool you.

The platform is a brainchild of the English billionaire – David Harding.

You might not understand cryptocurrencies completely, just make a deposit and get from 2 to 5% per day in this passive mode! Agree, that bank deposits against the background of such incomes seem ridiculous.

The platform did not appeared long ago, however, more than 300,000$ has already been invested in the platform and the amount is multiplying every day. It is not surprising, because everyone wants to receive passive income with such interest, investing in the most promising direction.

The platform is developing and every day the number of accepted cryptocurrencies and payment systems is growing. The company also effectively uses network marketing to attract investors, that is, you can make money on the platform even without investing money, but only by inviting friends.

The advantage of the platform is that the investment limit is limited to only $ 50,000, although contracts can be opened as many as you want, as well as any inhabitant of the planet earth can invest in the platform. Also, unlike other platforms, you do not receive money at the end of the investment period, but receive accruals every day for a year and you can immediately withdraw money or reinvest again.

Investing in cryptocurrencies – Top trend in 2020
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