Nearly half of female investors interested in Bitcoin

An estimated 43% of investors interested in Bitcoin are women, according to a report by Bitcoin trust fund Grayscale. The report challenges the belief that Bitcoin would mainly be for men and indicates women are increasingly interested in using crypto. Grayscale’s survey included 1 100 investors in the United States.

Based on the results 56.2% of women and nearly the same amount – 56.4% of men – see digital currencies as an opportunity for significant growth. 49.8% of women and 49.9% of men believe that bitcoin’s limited supply can lead to further price rise. 47% of women also believed that now is the right time to buy bitcoins, whereas only 39% of men agreed with the statement.

Despite the increasing female interest in cryptocurrencies, men are still the majority of crypto investors and users. Grayscale’s report speculates this may be a result of women avoiding risks more than men on average. According to the report 60% of women seek financial security through investing, while only 48% of men share this view.

Nearly half of female investors interested in Bitcoin
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