India’s crypto trading boom: 7 apps to buy, sell, store bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

Even as India faces its worst economic crisis in almost three decades, local crypto trading, especially on peer-to-peer exchanges, has peaked. This is believed to be a direct impact of the Supreme Court lifting RBI’s “unconstitutional” two-year ban on cryptocurrencies in March, only three weeks before the country went into lockdown. Anticipating a favourable result, […]

Litecoin Gains Over 307k New Non-Zero LTC Wallet Addresses in a Week

In summary: The Litecoin network has gained 307,603 new non-zero LTC wallet addresses in the past week.  This equates to an average of 43,943 new addresses per day.  No direct explanation can be found for the sudden increment in LTC addresses. One explanation could be DeFi.  A second could be a new wave of Litecoin […]

The richest people in cryptocurrency – Updated Apr 7, 2020

Mainly populated by Cofounders and CEOs, the Forbes cryptocurrency rich list details those who have made their millions from crypto. Explore the table below to see who made the list. Chris Larsen 57 $7.5 billion – $8 billion Cofounder, Ripple Joseph Lubin 53 $1 billion – $5 billion Cofounder, Ethereum. Founder, Consensys Changpeng Zhao 41 […]

How Global Stablecoins Can Promote Financial Stability in the World

Global stablecoins could provide market participants with a cost-efficient means to rebalance their capital across global markets. In the past year, three major financial oversight bodies have voiced concerns about threats to financial stability purported to be posed by stablecoins. While acknowledging the potential for enhanced payments efficiency, reports from the Bank for International Settlements, […]

Crypto at the Crossroads in 2020: History in the Making

What’s next for the cryptocurrency world? This year has proven to be significant for many reasons. One of them being the COVID-19 pandemic that is supposed to have originated in a market in Wuhan, China. By March 11, the virus already spread to more than 100 countries and was declared a pandemic by the World […]

Blockchain to boost medical tourism in South Korea

A public-private consortium has come together in South Korea to employ blockchain technology in boosting the country’s medical tourism. According to local reports, the consortium will be launching a blockchain-powered platform to make this possible. The consortium is made up of seven institutions including Dong-A University Hospital, Pusan National University Hospital, Gosin University Gospel Hospital, […]

Ethereum’s healthy on-chain activity undercuts price downtrend

Ethereum and the ecosystem it hosts have been on a ride this last week, particularly the DeFi ecosystem. This was mainly due to the recent hype around yield/liquidity farming. Interestingly, all of this is happening at a time when ETH is transitioning into PoS. Regardless, ETH is still the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market, one […]

Crowdfunding Investment Platform Republic Announces Profit Sharing Token

Crowdfunding investment platform Republic will hold a token launch next monthThe Republic Note token sale will be capped at $8 million and available both to accredited and non-accredited investorsThe token will allow holders to share profits when startups on Republic get acquired or go public Republic, a tech startup crowdfunding platform, has announced that it […]

European Commission Presents New Rule for “Sound” Crypto Market in EU Including Libra

The European Commission (EC) has recognized the need to give way to the crypto asset market but in a controlled manner, hence, the executive arm of the European Union announced that it would be launching a new rule later this year to build a “sound” crypto-asset market in the EU. The serving Vice-President for the […]

Chinese tech giants announce new distributed identity alliance

A new alliance of Chinese tech giants has been formed this week with a specific focus on distributed identity, in the latest collaboration to hit the blockchain scene. In the latest example of major companies pulling together to drive innovation through blockchain, the Distributed Identity Alliance (DID Alliance) was founded by 17 Chinese firms across […]

Hedera Expands Reach With BRD Wallet Addition

BRD has added Hedera’s HBAR coin to its digital asset wallet, in addition to the project’s Blockset integration. BRD recently updated its wallet compatibility, allowing storage of Hedera Hashgraph’s HBAR coin.  “In addition to the integration in the BRD consumer wallet, Hedera’s network data will be supported in BRD’s recently launched enterprise-grade blockchain data integration […]

Telegram hopes US blockchain regulations will become more favorable

The US Southern District of New York Court ruled that Telegram must pay $1.22 bln in tokens to those who had purchased the Gram currency, and to pay $18.5 mln in compensation payments MOSCOW, June 26. /TASS/. Pavel Durov, the owner of Telegram instant messaging service, expressed hope in a statement on Thursday that US […]

Things Every Crypto Trader Must Grasp

With more investors entering the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin marketplace, it’s never been more important to have a clearly defined game plan so you don’t lose money. The good news is that it’s simpler than ever to invest in digital assets these days, but there are still some key factors you need to consider before you […]

FC Barcelona Fan Token Sees Impressive Volume on First Day

FC Barcelona’s Fan Token has generated nearly $2.5 million in trade volume in less than one day of trade. In its first day of trading, the fan token for Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona (BAR) has seen trading volume that almost doubled the $1.3 million raised in the crypto asset’s token sale earlier this week. […]

New York proposes making it easier to use cryptocurrency

New York’s financial regulator on Wednesday proposed new licensing rules that would make it easier for companies to engage in cryptocurrency business — using such digital currencies as bitcoin — in the state. The New York State Department of Financial Services is asking for the public’s input about the plan by Aug. 10. The initiative […]

Data privacy versus data security: why is it so hard to have both?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018 and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the US’s first state data privacy law, took effect on January 2020. These data protection rights, regulations and laws do a lot to address ongoing threats to personal privacy and data. At the same time, distributed […]

Ontology Partners With Chainlink To Enhance Data Management And Security

The Ontology team announced on June 22 that it has partnered with Chainlink to enhance data management on the platform. With this significant partnership, the Ontology project has joined the long list of projects that seek to benefit from decentralized data oracles, provided by the Chainlink project. The partnership will also increase the decentralization and […]

Crypto-Currencies: Will World Go Fully Digital, Wiping Out Gold & Ruining Dollar Dominance?

The COVID pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital settlements and crypto coins triggering a debate about whether traditional means of payment and safe havens will soon become a thing of the past. Independent political risk analyst Eric Kraus has weighed up whether Bitcoin will replace gold and whether crypto yuan can depose the dollar. […]

83% of Bitcoin Addresses Currently Profitable, Says Glassnode

At least 83% of existing Bitcoin addresses are currently in a state of profit, according to Glassnode. That’s a 43% increase since bitcoin’s precipitous crash on March 12, now known as the ‘Black Thursday.’ At the time, only 45% of all the BTC addresses were profitable – a low for 2020. Per the new data, […]

South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb to go public via IPO

Bithumb IPO could pave the way for many cryptocurrency companies to go public. A reverse IPO deal with Blockchain Industries in January 2019 did not sail through. The operator of South Korea-based Bithumb exchange is looking towards taking the company public. The listing is expected to go through an initial public offering (IPO). Going public […]

Ernst & Young tax tool targets traders filing digital currency forms

Accounting firm Ernst & Young (EY) has rolled out a new digital currency tax tool to help traders file their digital currency-related tax forms. CryptoPrep collects information on a user’s trades made on and off major exchanges and compiles the information into a downloadable 8949 tax form, which can then be filed during tax season. […]

Anticipating Ethereum 2.0 miner balances surge

Ethereum 2.0 is one of the biggest milestones of the Ethereum blockchain. As the ecosystem gears up for the re-engineering the entire ETH blockchain, a new trend was observed within the miners on the network. According to the latest development, miners are now holding on the coin as evidenced by the increase in their balance […]

Online Payment Giant, PayPal, Kick-Starts Research Into Buying & Selling Crypto

The international payment service, Paypal, has announced plans for a direct sales solution of cryptocurrency for its more than 325 million users. This report is according to a few people that are familiar with Paypal’s activity. For the moment, Paypal is primarily known as an alternative payment provider worldwide, allowing users to make and take […]

Italian Banks Are Ready to Trial a Digital Euro

The Italian Banking Association (ABI) announced Thursday that its banks are willing to pilot a digital euro.   ABI, made up of over 700 Italian banking institutions, expressed its desire to help speed up the implementation of a digital currency backed by the European Central Bank (ECB) by participating in related projects and experiments. Last year, […]

Bank of Thailand makes headway in digital currency

The Bank of Thailand has announced it is working on a central bank digital currency (CBDC), becoming the latest global central bank to back CBDCs. The central bank, which also regulates financial markets in Thailand, is reported to be working with commercial banks in developing a distributed ledger system, which would eventually support transactions in […]

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Prices Could Become More Reliable Indicators Than Stocks and Bonds, Analyst Says

Seasoned analyst Chris Burniske, author of the first cryptocurrency tokens price evaluation model, foresees hard times for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Short-Term Volatility, Long-Term Trend Mr. Burniske announced that the ongoing ‘flat’ prices for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) may eventually force them to test new support levels. However, these drops would be only ‘jitters’ […]

Bitcoin is Money, But Not a New Type of Money; It’s An Exchange Mechanism: NY Fed Reserve

“Bitcoin Is Not a New Type of Money,” says the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in its latest paper, where it talks about bitcoin instead of being a new type of exchange mechanism that can support the transfer of monies and other things. Bitcoin is a new type of money, is actually a “misconception,” […]

Report: Blockchain ‘Holds Promise’ for Ed

Research funded by the U.S. Department of Education has found that the use of blockchain “holds promise to create more efficient, durable connections between education and work.” The research was undertaken by the American Council on Education (ACE) earlier this year to explore the use of distributed ledger technology and blockchains in education as part […]

UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund Makes Its Largest-Ever Investment

125 ETH going to some very good causes. Today eight technology companies from seven different emergent economies will receive an investment of Ethereum cryptocurrency from the UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund. UNICEF’s crypto-enabled investment vehicle has given these companies 125 ETH, worth approximately $28,600, to use in scaling or prototyping their respective technologies over the next six […]

Investors Are Growing Increasingly Bullish On Bitcoin Price As Only 19% Of Mined BTC Is Being Traded

The price of bitcoin has continued to consolidate within the mid-$9,000 level as the bulls and bears fail to stage a decisive move. This has muddled the clarity that some traders had regarding BTC’s short-term price as indicators imply varying trends for the king crypto. Some traders believe the bitcoin price is poised to surge […]

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