‘Proof-of-Stake Is a Joke’: Samson Mow Backstage at The Capital

Blockstream’s Samson Mow was fairly quiet during the panel “Proof-of-Work, Halving and the Future of Mining” on day two of CoinMarketCap’s The Capital conference.

But he sat down with The Capital backstage afterward and shared some of his thoughts more candidly. 

The Capital: Is there anything that you didn’t get to talk with on this panel that you felt you wanted to be covered on the type of panel?

Samson Mow: I mean, we didn’t get to go into depth on all of the stuff. There were too many deep topics that we can’t cover between four people in 40 minutes. ASIC [application-specific integrated circuit] resistance was one thing. I didn’t really chime in because I thought if I chimed in, it would run way over the time limit.

It’s a really nuanced topic and I think it’s more relevant, I guess, to altcoins then to Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is obviously not ASIC resistant. There’s lots of ASICs, but it’s reached a point where I think it doesn’t really matter anymore because ASICs have kind of become commoditized.

So the efficiencies of the different manufacturers — they’re getting close. Every new gen that comes out, they’re more or less in line, there’s no one clearly in the lead.  coinmarketcap.com

‘Proof-of-Stake Is a Joke’: Samson Mow Backstage at The Capital
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