Scarcity: There Is Only One Bitcoin For Every 333 People In The World

Bitcoin’s pre-programmed scarcity is one of its most impressive qualities. It’s the world’s first truly scarce digital object. The implications of that are considerable, to say the least. To put things in perspective, given the current population of the world, there is 1 Bitcoin for every 333 people out there.

0.003 BTC Per Person

The race for one bitcoin has never been so uncertain, because of that same math.

As of February 2020, there are over 7.7 billion people on Earth. If BTC is distributed evenly among all of them, it would mean that one human being will own 0.003 of the largest cryptocurrency. Alternatively, every 333 people can own one whole bitcoin.

But that’s only the best-case scenario. The reality is different and is actually much more negative. Around three million bitcoins or more are considered to be permanently lost for various reasons. Virtually, the chances to ever own one keep decreasing.

Just to put things into perspective, Bitcoin is so scarce that more millionaires are walking on this planet.

There are less bitcoin (21 million) than there are millionaires in the world today (~36 million). It will pay to be an early bitcoin adopter.

— Cameron Winklevoss (@winklevoss) February 5, 2020

A recent report noted that, so far, bitcoin mass adoption lack in terms of owning even a small portion. It indicated that only 23 million entities are holding the largest cryptocurrency, which is 0.3% of the total world population. Even more, less than a million people owned one bitcoin.

Scarcity: There Is Only One Bitcoin For Every 333 People In The World
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