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Uphold Will Continue to List XRP & Allow Trading, Unless A Court Decision Favors the SEC

Uphold, a crypto exchange operator and payments processor announced in a press release on Monday that it will not be delisting XRP despite its ongoing woes with the SEC. According to the post, Uphold will only delist XRP if the SEC’s complaint against Ripple is ‘adjudicated to determine that XRP is currently a security, or […]

Banks Are Authorized to Use Public Blockchains and Stablecoins for Payment Activities

The top banking regulator in the U.S. has announced that national banks and savings associations in the country can use public blockchains and stablecoins for payment activities. Experts say this is good for bitcoin and its importance should not be understated. Banks Can Use Public Blockchains and Stablecoins The Office of the Comptroller of the […]

Will America or China be No. 1 in cryptocurrency?

China shouldn’t stroll to the front for next-generation technology for financial services, a U.S. invention ANALYSIS/OPINION: Regardless of what happens in the election, regardless of what one thinks the direction of the country should be, virtually everyone on the planet agrees that it would be better for the United States to remain the No. 1 […]

Cryptocurrency: the next battleground in the US-China rivalry

Washington’s weaponisation of the US dollar as a foreign policy tool depends on its pre-eminence as a global reserve currency. Безопасность прежде всего.Safety first.Russian proverb But the emerging threat to this hegemony is e-currencies, and Beijing’s huge head start could put it in control of the world’s financial structure. The United States Department of Justice […]

XRP searches are trending on Google

XRP searches on Google have revisited some former yearly highs last week. Bitcoin searches are still not as common as XRP, although Ethereum is not far behind. The growth in interest indicates the high popularity of the altcoin market amid the new rally. Ripple’s XRP has seen quite a bit of activity recently. Not only […]

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