Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

PayPal’s Big Crypto Move Is All Hype

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are a fun way to skirt money-laundering laws and pay for drugs, but, according to reporting by Reuters, it appears you’ll now be able to use it to pay for Beanie Babies and fake Rolexes. That’s right: PayPal is getting into the crypto game. The breathless reporting by Reuters and other sites […]

20 More Block Rewards from 2010 Spent Today – Why Are Decade-Old Bitcoins Waking Up?

Following the 21 coinbase rewards from 2010 spent on November 7, another long string of so-called ‘sleeping bitcoins’ mined a decade ago were transferred on Sunday morning. According to onchain data, the 20 block rewards from 2010 with 1,000 BTC were transferred at 4:02 a.m. EST. A ton of ‘zombie coins’ moved in 2020, after […]

Norway Evaluates CBDC, Concludes Only 4% Of Country Uses Cash

Ida Wolden Bache stands as the deputy governor of the central bank of Norway, Norges Bank, and spoke at an event on Thursday. Bache described a decline in cash payments within the country, at the same time detailing the finer points regarding central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs. Highlighting Significantly Low Cash Use In her […]

Which investors will drive the Bitcoin market?

Bitcoin has new blood. With the cryptocurrency reaching a high not seen since December 2017, following which it endured a 15-month long bear market, new and unfamiliar investors are entering the Bitcoin markets. For starters, these newbies are rushing in to buy Bitcoin, creating fresh demand. This demand has to be catered to by Bitcoin’s […]

Kraken Reveals Its Stance on Likely Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

Kraken is the latest cryptocurrency exchange to disclose its stance on the potential Bitcoin Cash chain split. The exchange says it will support Bitcoin Cash Node if a split occurs. If Bitcoin Cash ABC attracts more than 10% of hashpower, Kraken will credit users with newly created coins. Want to know more? Join our Telegram […]

Following One Decade Of Growth, DeFi Could Guide Bitcoin’s Next

Since 2009, Bitcoin has come a long way while proving its worth, improving its regulatory standing and raising interest globally through media and the internet. From having zero relative value to fiat as a currency in its early days to being valued at $19,783.06 in December 2017, bitcoin has shown immense power. Today, nearly everybody, […]

Bitcoin Is Back Trading Near Three-Year Highs

The digital currency is up 90% this year, outpacing stocks, gold and other assets. A Bitcoin Change shop in Istanbul; a renewed surge of interest in bitcoin appears to be tied to its potential as a hedge against inflation. While stocks, oil and gold prices careened last week, one asset set new highs for the […]

How Much Bitcoin [BTC] Does Wall Street Own?

Top firms to enter Bitcoin [BTC] race are MicroStrategy, Square  Inc. , Stone Ridge Asset Management and GrayScale. Yesterday, October 31st, crypto king Bitcoin (BTC) celebrated its 12 birthday since the release of the Bitcoin whitepaper. Bitcoin pushed past $14,000 levels and registered its biggest ever monthly closing in the last 34 months after the […]

Is PayPal’s Bitcoin Currency Safe for Security Clearance Holders?

PayPal is hopping on the Bitcoin bandwagon with an announcement yesterday that it would allow customers to buy, sell, and hold bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using its online financial services. The move will allow the company to support cryptocurrency payments to the 26 million vendors in its network. PayPal isn’t the first financial services provider […]

Bitcoin vs Gold: Which investment favors your portfolio?

I get it. It’s always an either-or decision between Bitcoin and gold, as a pure investment play. Since the commodity and the cryptocurrency each have similar attributes of – a hedge, limited supply, and safe haven, these assets are used to balance the bottomless assets that are stocks, bonds, and cash. But does one edge […]

The next big treasure: Corporations buy up Bitcoin as a treasury reserve

The entry of firms like Square, MicroStrategy and Stone Ridge may open the BTC floodgates and provide “confidence for the rest to follow.” October is a time for surprises. On Oct. 8, right on cue, mobile payments giant Square, which boasts a market cap of $86.6 billion, announced that it had invested $50 million in […]

Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Brings First DeFi Token Listing to New York

Compound’s token listing on Gemini confirms American regulatory clearance for the DeFi token from the most stringent financial watchdogs in the world. Key Takeaways Gemini crypto listed three new cryptocurrencies on Sept. 11 – PAXG, AMP, and COMP. Compound‘s COMP token listing by Gemini marks the official entry of DeFi in New York, which even […]

Bitcoin’s ‘quiet boom’ in Africa

LAGOS: Four months ago, Abolaji Odunjo made a fundamental change to his business selling mobile phones in a bustling street market in Lagos: He started paying his suppliers in bitcoin. Odunjo sources handsets and accessories from China and the UAE. His Chinese suppliers asked to be paid in the cryptocurrency, he said, for speed and convenience. […]

What Is ‘Buy The Dip’ Bitcoin Strategy? BTC Buyers Increase Amid Price Plunge

Despite Bitcoin currently trading at the lower $10,000 level, data suggests investors are not cashing out anytime soon. In fact, evidence suggested that new investors are coming in to buy the current Bitcoin supply. Bitcoin fell to as much as $9,889 Monday before bouncing back up to hit the daily close of $10,375 on Coinbase, […]

During pandemic, Japanese investors shy away from Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and save cash

Japan appears poised for hard times. Exports have plummeted and job losses and pay cuts are a haunting specter. Domestic demand, slammed late last year by a tax hike, remains timid as a government discount campaign intended to spur spending has been met with limited consumer interest. To cover a shortfall in tax revenues, the debt-laden government recently issued more bonds. Fortunately, […]

Bitcoin correlation tells this story about volatility in the market

After volatility hit the consolidating market of Bitcoin, the value of the asset was driven to a peak of $12,473 on 17 August. However, ever since the traded value of the asset has remained in the mid-$11k level. At press time, BTC was valued at $11,586 with a high correlation coefficient of 0.4751 with the […]

If history repeats: Bitcoin at $20,000 or greater, can the network handle it?

The most-awaited bitcoin bull run seems to be just around the corner. With bitcoin dipping its toes above $12,000 twice in August the excitement for the bull run is palpable. With bull run come the dreams of getting a 10X, 100X, on the investment and even becoming a millionaire. Unlike in 2017, the state of […]

Bitcoin Macro Trend Unaffected by Chinese Investors’ $50B Tether Exodus

Bitcoin’s macro bullish trend remains intact even after data show Chinese investors moved $50 billion in crypto to overseas addresses in the past 12 months. New data from Chainalysis shows Chinese investors reportedly used Tether (USDT) to move nearly $50 billion overseas. This has led some crypto investors to question whether or not Bitcoin price […]

Bitcoin And Libra Can Coexist With CBDCs, Says Former Reserve Bank Of India Governor

With more central banks around the world studying the issuance of their own digital currencies, Bitcoin and Libra could still find a purpose to be part of a future when money becomes purely digital. That’s according to Raghuram Rajan, former governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Central Bank Digital Currencies or CBDCs are being […]

How is Tether helping Bitcoin’s demand?

Bitcoin is now trading close to $12,000, a level which it breached and broke below two times over the past two weeks. Will it be third time lucky for the world’s top cryptocurrency? Since breaking over $12,000 on 2 August, for the first time since June 2019, it has been subject to a ‘bull trap.’ […]

Customer Demand Sees Square Buying 598% More Bitcoin in Q2 2020

Square’s bitcoin revenue contributed $875 million and $17 million in gross profit which was partially driven by government stimulus and unemployment benefits. July has “delivered strong revenue and gross profit” in peer-to-peer payments and bitcoin investing. As Q2 ends, the financial report for the quarter ending July 30 comes flowing in with “strong growth” as […]

Bitcoin Is Rising Again. Asking Why Takes You Down the Financial Rabbit Hole – Jack Hough

I think I’m ready to issue my next Bitcoin prediction. I’m consistently wrong, which makes this a valuable service. In mid-February, after Bitcoin had shot from $4,000 to $10,000 in a year, I raised the question here of whether speculative excess might push it still higher. Then it fell by half in a month. I […]

More Bitcoin Investors are Storing their BTC Offline

The amount of Bitcoin stored in crypto exchanges by investors continues to be low despite BTC bulldozing past $10,000 and $11,000. Usually, when Bitcoin breaks significant resistance levels, investors and particularly BTC miners, send their hard-earned Bitcoin to cash in on a major move such as the one witnessed from $9,100 levels to $11,400. Surprisingly, […]

Post-Halving Reality: Bitcoin Cash Network ‘Not Looking Healthy’ As On-Chain Metrics Continue Slumping

Since the block rewards for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) miners were cut in half more than a month ago, the network has awakened to a harsh new reality.  A good number of miners on the network pulled the plug on their mining rigs due to the reduced revenue. Consequently, the hash rate has dropped precipitously, economic […]

Will Bitcoin’s improving privacy put Monero, Zcash, Dash at risk?

Bitcoin, although the most popular representative of the cryptocurrency space, does not lead every nook and corner of it. In fact, there are specific areas where certain altcoins have taken the lead over the king coin. Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin are some of the market’s leading altcoins, all of whom outperformed Bitcoin in terms of […]

Russians turn to cash and Bitcoin as coronavirus sinks economy

Amid a growing economic crisis, Russians have withdrawn more than $13.6 billion in cash from ATMs in March alone. Some is finding its way into crypto. In brief: Russians withdrew more cash in March than in the entirety of 2019. At the same time, crypto exchanges in the country have seen an uptick in users […]

All You Need to Know About Bitcoin Cash’s First Block Reward Halving

Bitcoin’s third block reward halving is still 35 days away, but around 11:00 Eastern Time (or 15:00 UTC) on Wednesday (April 8), Bitcoin Cash will have its first block reward halving. According to data from CryptoCompare, in the past 7-day period, the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has gone from $218.48 to $273.44, i.e. up […]

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