Bitcoin halving: Are Whales done Hodling?

85 days remain until the next Bitcoin halving, an event following which mining rewards will become more scarce. And while many expect the world’s largest cryptocurrency to surge to new highs in light of this, a cursory glance of the charts will reveal that Bitcoin is currently in its consolidating phase, with the coin recording […]

Scarcity: There Is Only One Bitcoin For Every 333 People In The World

Bitcoin’s pre-programmed scarcity is one of its most impressive qualities. It’s the world’s first truly scarce digital object. The implications of that are considerable, to say the least. To put things in perspective, given the current population of the world, there is 1 Bitcoin for every 333 people out there. 0.003 BTC Per Person The […]

What Are Bitcoin Futures?

Bitcoin futures are financial derivatives that enable investors to either buy or sell bitcoin without actually touching the digital currency itself. More specifically, bitcoin futures contracts oblige the investor to buy or sell bitcoin at a predetermined price on a predefined future date. They are standardized, detail the quantity of the underlying asset, and trade […]

Bitcoin’s bumpy revolution may be only just beginning

Bitcoin was born out of despair. Hidden among the lines of code in the first ever batch of the cryptocurrency was a headline from the frontpage of that day’s edition of The Times: “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”. It was 3 January, 2009, and the world was in the midst of the worst […]

Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven Asset? US-Iranian Tensions Ignite Old Debate

Bitcoin’s price has improved significantly following the U.S. killing of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. As tensions escalate between the US and Iran, several crypto analysts have reconsidered the old debate on Bitcoin’s ability to function as a safe-haven asset similar to gold in times of geopolitical uncertainty.  Bradley Keoun from CoinDesk wrote “For some market analysts […]

Bitcoin’s Popularity in Iran Surges Following Crisis

Bitcoin has always been a valuable asset since it gained massive attention a few years ago. Its relative stability has led many to believe that it could serve as an alternative hedge against uncertain economic situations, especially in countries that have either been hit by sanctions or which have some other form of an economic […]

3 Bitcoin Fundamentals that Will Spark the Next BTC Rally

The Rundown Hash Rate High Bitcoin Halving Safe-Haven Asset Bitcoin has spent the past six weeks or so consolidating leading many analysts to believe the bottom is in. Fundamentals are strengthening, however, and these three could spark the next bull run for BTC. Bitcoin is currently up almost 2.5% on the day tapping weekly resistance […]

Russia’s Largest Darknet Market Is Planning Its Own Initial Coin Offering

In a bold move Hydra, reportedly Russia’s largest darknet market, has revealed it’s planning its own initial coin offering (ICO) to fund a global expansion. According to an investment memorandum, first spotted by Russian news outlet Forklog, Hydra plans to raise $146 million through its ICO, which is set to start on December 16. Its tokens will be […]

First-Time Bitcoin Buyers ‘Doubled’ in Square’s Q3 Report

The payments company, founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, released its earnings results on Wednesday, reporting revenues of $1.27 billion between July 1 and Sept. 30 of this year. Though Square’s crypto business remains a niche concern for the publicly traded company, more users are turning to Square’s Cash App as a gateway to bitcoin […]

Despite 85% Drop From $1,400 ATH, Ethereum is Up 474x From ICO Price

Ethereum (ETH) has had quite the fall from grace in terms of price. In 2017, the altcoin was literally all the rage — the cryptocurrency that everyone knew besides Bitcoin was Ethereum. This hype culminated in a massive price run-up that brought ETH from the single and double digits to an all-time high of $1,400 […]

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