What’s the Future of Bitcoin Mining and Bitcoin Trading?

How To Choose An ICO To Invest In New ICOs (OTC) A look at changes expected in Bitcoin technology in 2020, which has turned to be extremely difficult for all of humanity due to COVID-19. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency can be accessed by mining or calculating hash values, hoping that some of them will be appropriate […]

You can now watch Bitcoin being mined around the world

How To Choose An ICO To Invest In New ICOs (OTC) A new interactive map shows the Bitcoin hash rate “hotspots” across the globe. Spoiler alert: Most of them are still in China. The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance has launched an interactive map that shows the average monthly Bitcoin hash rate in different countries. Roughly […]

Iran Issues License to Bitcoin Mining Farm with 6000 Miners

How To Choose An ICO To Invest In New ICOs (OTC) The farm is generating 96,000 terahashes per second. Turkey-registered crypto mining company iMiner has received a license from Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade to legally continue operations in the country. According to a report last week, iMiner has established its cryptocurrency mining operations […]

Bitcoin Mining Centralization No Longer An Issue, Other Regions To Overtake China Soon: Analyst PlanB

How To Choose An ICO To Invest In New ICOs (OTC) Over the last few years, the largest and most active Bitcoin miners have operated from China. These large miners include Bitmain, a miner that has been involved in some tug-of-war scenarios in the recent past, one of them being the hash war of 2018 following […]

Binance moves into Bitcoin mining

How To Choose An ICO To Invest In New ICOs (OTC) Earlier this week, Coinlife broke the news that China-based bucket shop Binance was preparing a launch into the Bitcoin mining pool sector. This news comes at a curious time with less than eight weeks before Bitcoin’s third halving event. After the halving occurs, many digital […]

Bitcoin mining IPO mirrors currency volatility

The Hangzhou-based company, which sells equipment used to solve complex puzzles to uncover, or mine cryptocurrency, has had several recent false starts. By Sharon Lam, Reuters News HONG KONG – It promises all the highs and lows of a real gold rush. Canaan, a Chinese company and the world’s second biggest maker of hardware used to […]

Understanding Bitcoin Mining Rewards

Each day, many untold thousand watts of electricity are committed towards bitcoin mining. People mine bitcoin because they hope to earn bitcoin, which has value and can be bought and sold in various markets. Without going into too much detail, mining is the process by which the network is secured and transactions are processed. In […]

What is Bitcoin Mining? The Digital Currency Mining Process

Digital currency mining, through SHA-256 for Bitcoin, Scrypt for many other currencies, and a plethora of other algorithms that have been developed, is a growing industry, with Bitcoin mining, and Scrypt mining, machines being created that cost $10,000+. Why Do People Mine Digital Currencies? Mining is the primary method for transaction processing, recording, and security […]

Sanctions-hit Iran becoming ‘heaven’ for bitcoin mining, says govt official

An increasing number of Iranians have started turning to cryptocurrencies, in particular bitcoin, with the devaluation of the national currency prompted by US economic sanctions. The crypto craze has raised concerns from authorities that the energy-hungry process of “mining” bitcoin is abusing Iran’s system of subsidized electricity. Currently at half-a-cent per kilowatt, the subsidized electricity […]

Bitcoin Mining Uses as Much Energy as Ireland

The Power Demand For Blockchain Network is on Rise Even When Bitcoin Prices Have Come Down. According to a report by Alex de Vries, the Dutch researcher, the Bitcoin network uses as much electricity as Ireland. According to his estimates “at least 2.55 gigawatts of electricity currently, and potentially 7.67 gigawatts in the future.” Bitcoin […]

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