Bitcoin Cash’s 2020 Hard Fork: Everything You Need to Know

On November 15, Bitcoin Cash will undergo a contentious hard fork. Here’s what you should know. The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain will undergo a scheduled upgrade or “hard fork” on November 15, 2020. This event involves a long-standing debate between factions within the Bitcoin Cash community, each with different plans for the cryptocurrency. This is […]

20 More Block Rewards from 2010 Spent Today – Why Are Decade-Old Bitcoins Waking Up?

Following the 21 coinbase rewards from 2010 spent on November 7, another long string of so-called ‘sleeping bitcoins’ mined a decade ago were transferred on Sunday morning. According to onchain data, the 20 block rewards from 2010 with 1,000 BTC were transferred at 4:02 a.m. EST. A ton of ‘zombie coins’ moved in 2020, after […]

New North American Mining Pool Bets On Region And Regulatory Compliance

North American bitcoin mining farms all use mining pools to ensure steady block rewards, compiling hash power from miners operating remotely to compete with the industrialized farms based in China. Most of these mining farms use China-based mining pools (pools whose headquarters and, perhaps, servers for collecting hash power, are located in China) because the […]

Huobi reassures users amid large USDT and Bitcoin transfers

Amid rumours of Huobi’s exec arrest and speculations arising from large USDT deposits and BTC withdrawals, the Singapore-based crypto company said in a statement today that it was “operating normally”. The firm reassured users in an official post that: We have noticed that recent events have sparked inquiries and speculation from some users. Huobi reiterated: […]

Iran Adopts Bitcoin for International Trade Amid Heavy Sanctions, Falling Rial, Soaring Inflation

The Iranian government has adopted bitcoin for international trade as the country’s economic crisis deepens, with rising Covid-19 cases, depreciating rial, and intensifying sanctions imposed by the U.S. government. Iran’s Economic Troubles Magnified Iran is undergoing a severe economic crisis as Covid-19 cases surge in the country. The Iranian health ministry says that the number […]

Bitcoin Records Largest Mining Difficulty Drop Since 2011. Here’s What It Really Means

Bitcoin just saw its biggest single mining difficulty drop since 2011. According to data from Glassnode, bitcoin’s mining difficulty adjusted downward by roughly 16%, its largest negative adjustment since the introduction of ASICs. Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Posts Second-Largest Drop Of All Time Bitcoin mining difficulty, in simple terms, is a self-adjusting measure aimed at maintaining […]

Ethereum Fees Plummeted 65% in October Following DeFi Volumes Back to Earth

Miners’ income from processing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain more than halved in October as the mania for decentralized finance (DeFi) cooled. Miners’ income from processing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain more than halved in October as the mania for decentralized finance (DeFi) cooled. Ethereum users paid $57.49 million in transaction fees in October – […]

The evolution of buying Bitcoin

Today, it seems like you can buy Bitcoin anywhere and everywhere, from ATM machines to buying Bitcoin with a bank account, and beyond. But this hasn’t always been the case. In only a few short years, Bitcoin has gone from an underground and largely unknown market to a worldwide phenomenon. Through this evolution it has […]

Global Digital Industry Group Launches Mining Business Bitworld

The UAE cryptocurrency giant, Global Digital Industry Group (GDIG), has established its mining subsidiary Bitworld and will invest $50 million in the company by 2021 as it works to build the company’s presence in the Middle East bitcoin and Ethereum mining industry. GDIG has appointed its mining head, Planck Danny as the CEO of Bitworld. […]

Crypto surges in India after Bitcoin ban lifted

On March 5th 2020, India’s Supreme Court lifted Indian’s cryptocurrency ban. In the months since, Indian crypto exchanges have seen a huge surge in trading volumes and investment despite a significant contraction of the Indian economy caused by Covid-19 In April 2018 the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), India’s central bank, had ordered financial institutions […]

Kazakhstan in talks on $700m in cryptocurrency mining projects

Kazakhstan is in talks to attract investments worth 300 billion tenge ($714 million) into the cryptocurrency sector, Digital Development Minister Bagdat Mussin said on Wednesday. Kazakhstan claims to account for 6 per cent of global cryptocurrency mining. The country passed legal amendments in June clarifying the regulation and taxation of cryptocurrency mining that it hopes […]

3 reasons why Bitcoin suddenly dipped under $10K today — and recovered

The price of Bitcoin briefly dropped below $10,000, causing the entire cryptocurrency market to slump in a short period. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped to sub-$10,000 across major exchanges again on Sep. 5, marking two consecutive days of testing the crucial level. Other major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum’s Ether (ETH), fell by nearly 10%. The […]

Mining Stocks Are Beating Bitcoin in a Bullish Cryptocurrency Market

Returns for Riot, Marathon and bitcoin since August 2019 Zack Voell Mining Stocks Are Beating Bitcoin in a Bullish Cryptocurrency Market Betting against bitcoin has been a losing battle for months with the crypto up more than 200% since its March lows. Benefiting from this rally, moreover, cryptocurrency mining stocks trading on U.S. markets are […]

Top 5 Dutch Bitcoin Exchanges in 2020

Looking for the best Dutch Bitcoin exchanges in 2020? This exclusive guide will help you pick one of the best Bitcoin exchanges in the Netherlands to do business with. Bitcoin (BTC) is gaining momentum faster than anybody initially thought. People around the globe have already started talking about it, and thanks to many new startups, […]

Banks Storing Bitcoin Means They Are Panicking — Max Keiser

The recent approval of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets for custody in the US banking sector is one of the best news to happen to the crypto industry in 2020. However, pundits have stated that the move is selfish preservation on the part of banks, who are scared of the imminent disintegration of fiat currencies and […]

Research Shows China Controls 50% Of Bitcoin Mining While The US Now Stands At 14%

As per new research, there is less Bitcoin mining power in China than what the majority of crypto enthusiasts believe. A survey conducted by crypto research company BitOoda in collaboration with asset manager Fidelity was released on July 16 and indicates that China controls about 50 percent of Bitcoin mining as opposed to 65 percent. […]

Bitcoin Mining Centralization No Longer An Issue, Other Regions To Overtake China Soon: Analyst PlanB

Over the last few years, the largest and most active Bitcoin miners have operated from China. These large miners include Bitmain, a miner that has been involved in some tug-of-war scenarios in the recent past, one of them being the hash war of 2018 following the hard fork that led to the split of the […]

Binance moves into Bitcoin mining

Earlier this week, Coinlife broke the news that China-based bucket shop Binance was preparing a launch into the Bitcoin mining pool sector. This news comes at a curious time with less than eight weeks before Bitcoin’s third halving event. After the halving occurs, many digital currency experts expect the transaction processing industry, aka mining, to […]

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