Top 10 best Cryptocurrency Exchange in 2020 | Best Crypto Exchange Reviews

As Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular, there are a plethora of cryptocurrency exchanges, which are the main reason how the users are able to exchange or trade. The cryptocurrencies are volatile as that is an unavoidable characteristic of digital currency. Let us first understand what exactly is a cryptocurrency exchange, what does it do and then […]

Cryptocurrencies, Altcoins, Tokens and Forks – What’s the difference?

Cryptocurrencies The crypto world has come a long way since the introduction of Bitcoin – with 1,000 active cryptocurrencies on the market and more being constantly added. However some of the big players include not only Bitcoin but also XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether and Stellar. Even though each currency is different in […]

China’s digital currency plan a game changer

The last decade will be remembered as the era in which virtual currencies became mainstream. No longer just for in-the-know techies, digital cryptocurrencies have not only helped mint a crop of new millionaires and billionaires but have also inspired citizens across the globe to hold virtual currency as an investable asset and dream of a […]

Genesis Block Distribution – Network Creation

There are multiple methods to launch a new blockchain, with the most traditional (though now less common) method being through the creation of an entirely new, independent chain, which starts with a Genesis Block. The Genesis Block, as the first block in the chain, is unlike every other block in the chain because it does […]

Personal health wallets

Blockchain has moved on significantly from its early association with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and is now envisioned for use in a wide variety of applications, including health care. In the case of sharing personal health data with consent, blockchains allow each individual consumer to manage their own data and how it is shared. Consumers […]

Crypto Token Sales Market Statistics

Top 10 Token Sales by Funds Raised. Total Funds Raised per Month Name Amount Raised Start Date End Date Description 1 EOS $4,197,956,136 Jun 26, 2017 Jun 01, 2018 EOS has raised the highest amount of funds ever in it’s ico, making over 4 billion dollars. EOS is a platform that supports decentralized apps. It […] Statistics 2018-2019

Cryptocurrency Statistics 2018- 2019 – Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular over the past few years, with the likes of Bitcoin becoming household names across most countries. However, aside from knowing roughly what Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are, many people don’t know too much about them. This is made even worse if you’re considering investing in […]

Bitcoin Shows Signs as Safe-Haven Asset During Global Turmoil

The conflict between the U.S. and Iran served as an example of how Bitcoin has evolved as a safe-haven asset in times of global turmoil. Bitcoin is Becoming a Hedging Asset The U.S.-Iran relations reached a critical point after American forces carried out a predawn airstrike at an Iraqi airport in Baghdad on Jan. 2. […]

Tezos Has Released a Free-for-All XTZ Faucet

The Tezos Foundation has launched a cryptocurrency faucet to dispense a small stream of XTZ tokens to users. The funds in the faucet are intended for testing and development purposes, according to the site. And while there are limits, the faucet’s home page invites normal users to claim funds as well. Unlike some other faucets, […]

The best investment of the decade turned $1 into $90,000

New York (CNN Business) The decade is almost over — and one incredibly volatile investment stood out from all the rest as the best of the 2010s. Want to guess what it was? Bitcoin According to a recent report by Bank of America Securities, if you invested $1 in bitcoin at the start of the […]

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