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Google Cloud Joins Hedera Governing Council, Node Operator

Google Cloud announced it will serve as a member of Hedera’s Governing Council, alongside other notable companies such as IBM and Boeing. Google Cloud will also act in a technical capacity, operating a Hedera network node and integrating Hedera’s ledger data with its own public datasets. Google Cloud has revealed that it is working closely […]

Advantages of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

IEO is a newer concept compared to ICO and at present, it offers several benefits both to the investors and the crypto exchanges. IEO is an exchange platform where investors transfer the power of the fundraising to the exchanges. So, by vesting the power the investors especially small-timers are more relaxed. They do not have […]

Moving Ahead on Blockchain Innovation

China pursues a pragmatic approach to blockchain technology. As a tamper-proof way of recording every digital transaction, blockchain technology could soon play a key role in everything from commercial finance and the Internet of Things, to artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G networks. As the Chinese government is well aware, it has the potential to be […]

Asteroid mining startup bought by blockchain firm hoping to democratise space

A blockchain startup is hoping to get a cut of a potentially trillion-dollar industry, after it took over a space company set up to mine near-Earth asteroids. ConsenSys announced its acquisition of Planetary Resources on Wednesday, 31 October, together with its intention of “democratising and decentralising space endeavours.” The space mining startup has had some high-profile backing […]

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