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China’s Nationwide Blockchain Network BSN Will Launch in April 2020

Founded by government-run entities, China’s nationwide blockchain network will launch in April 2020, following a six-month beta testing period. China’s nationwide blockchain network, the Blockchain-based Ser­vice Net­work (BSN), will launch in April 2020, six months after it was rolled out for testing. Backed by Chinese government policy think tank the State In­for­ma­tion Cen­ter (SIC), the […]

60 Japanese Banks Launch Digital Currency Without a Blockchain

Sixty leading banks in Japan, under the leadership of Mizuho Bank, have launched a new digital currency called J Coin. The digital cash system will be integrated with J Coin Pay to work across the country. Contrary to initial reports, J Coin will not bear resemblance to a traditional cryptocurrency — in spite of its […]

What Makes Blockchain or Cryptocurrency “Mainstream”?

‘Mainstream’ is a term used throughout blockchain, cryptocurrency, and indeed for many technologies, but everyone has a hard time pinning down what it means. So at what point could blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies be classified as “mainstream,” or more the “norm,” rather than new or emerging? Blockchain technology seems to be permeating every industry and […]

The Promise of Blockchain

The Promise of Blockchain Each of these blockchain networks has its own native currency but cannot interoperate with other blockchains since their underlying codes and protocols are different. To fully harness the promise and potential of blockchain technology, interlinking bridges between each network must be established. The interoperability of the networks enables blockchains to communicate […]

Rwanda will Allocate 2020 Budget to Blockchain Projects

The Rwandan Ministry of ICT has announced plans to invest in emerging technologies in 2020, including blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and big data, as part of the government’s efforts to drive national socioeconomic growth. Rwandan Government Strongly Supports Blockchain Paula Ingabire, Rwandan Minister of ICT and Innovation, said that “Blockchain, like all the list […]

Cryptocurrency Trends to watch out for in 2020

The blockchain and crypto market is far from slowing down as the momentum is gradually picking up. The year 2019 turned out to be a remarkable one for the global crypto market. Despite a secular bear market, it involved new groupings, novel trading solutions, and a number of blockchain protocols emerging and maturing. Global regulatory […]

New Guidelines for Token Issuance

Swiss Blockchain Federation Publishes New Guidelines for Token Issuance The Swiss Blockchain Federation has published a concise and easily understandable manual with guidelines for issuers of digital equity and related tokens which they say is succinct and easy-to-understand SMEs to fully leverage the issuance and trading of equity on the blockchain in Switzerland. “The issuance […]

List Of The Top Blockchain Companies Worldwide

List Of The Top Blockchain Companies Worldwide Enlisted below are the most popular Blockchain Technology Companies and service providers providing Blockchain Services. 1) ScienceSoft2) Ripple Labs Inc.3) LeewayHertz4) Blockchangers5) Techracers6) ChromaWay7) OpenLedger8) Ezetech9) Limechain10) Chain11) Intellectsoft

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