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The richest people in cryptocurrency – Updated Apr 7, 2020

Mainly populated by Cofounders and CEOs, the Forbes cryptocurrency rich list details those who have made their millions from crypto. Explore the table below to see who made the list. Chris Larsen 57 $7.5 billion – $8 billion Cofounder, Ripple Joseph Lubin 53 $1 billion – $5 billion Cofounder, Ethereum. Founder, Consensys Changpeng Zhao 41 […]

Monero price is the only one outperforming Bitcoin?

How To Choose An ICO To Invest In New ICOs (OTC) While most of the altcoins follow Bitcoin in price movement, there are at least some coins that follow their own movement, and Monero price is outperforming the king. Bitcoin rallied this week, climbing along with the gold and the other safe-havens as key stock markets […]

Trading Legend John Bollinger Explains Whether Bitcoin (BTC) Is Safe Haven Asset

Legendary trader John Bollinger says that Bitcoin can act as a safe haven asset if you want to think so. While countless pundits continue to argue whether or not Bitcoin (BTC) can be considered a store-of-value asset, John Bollinger, the inventor of the Bollinger Bands (BBs) indicator, recently opined that it ultimately depends on your perception.  […]

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Just Revealed A Big Catalyst For Crypto’s Growth From 50 Million Users To 5 Billion

Crypto has crossed to an exciting tipping point. Whilst in the past it was mostly used by darknet criminals, crypto has now acquired a well-nigh universal appeal. It has become the go-to financial instrument for people in economically-struggling countries as well as to smart money investors like hedge funds and asset managers. At the moment, […]

20 Bitcoin experts you should be following on Twitter

Social media is a great tool to learn more about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but you need to know where to look. No worries, we are here to help. Here is a list of 20 Bitcoin experts you should be following on Twitter. 1. Roger Ver Also known as “Bitcoin Jesus”, Roger Ver is a well-knwon […]

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