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A 2016-level massive Bitcoin price volatility spike might be near

The Bollinger Band shows the Bitcoin price might see a spike in volatility, similar to 2016’s post-having cycle. For the first time since 2016, the Bollinger Band width of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped below 0.95. The Bollinger Band is a widely utilized technical indicator that evaluates the volatility trend of an asset. It might signify that […]

5 things to know before investing in bitcoin

Are you thinking of investing in Bitcoins? You need to be mindful of a lot of things. Most of the online trading platforms dealing with Bitcoin are full of scammers. But Bitcoin ERA official got your back. Ultimate precautions are necessary to prevent losing your hard-earned money to fraudsters. Invest in a platform that guarantees […]

How ‘Whales’ influence the price of Bitcoin

The term ‘whale’ refers to an investor with deep pockets who can move the market by buying or selling in large volumes. Given the relatively modest market caps of crypto assets compared to other sectors, the movements of crypto whales can provide important price signals to alert investors The term ‘Whale’ comes from the traditional financial […]

Are Bitcoin HODLers panicking yet?

After noting a 24-hour rise of 54.27%, Bitcoin held on exchanges climbed to 28.54k. In fact, this was the biggest one-day increase in nearly two months. This BTC is held on exchanges for the purpose of trading and an increase in this number is an indicator that HODLers are selling slowly. While there are other […]

Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Brings First DeFi Token Listing to New York

Compound’s token listing on Gemini confirms American regulatory clearance for the DeFi token from the most stringent financial watchdogs in the world. Key Takeaways Gemini crypto listed three new cryptocurrencies on Sept. 11 – PAXG, AMP, and COMP. Compound‘s COMP token listing by Gemini marks the official entry of DeFi in New York, which even […]

Morgan Stanley Strategist Recommends Bitcoin as Central Banks Ramp Up Money Printing

Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s chief strategist and head of emerging markets has recommended bitcoin as an alternative investment to stocks amid central banks’ massive money printing policies. He says that alternative assets, like gold and cryptocurrency, could keep doing well while stocks struggle. Morgan Stanley’s Strategist Discusses Stocks, Gold, and Bitcoin Head of Emerging Markets […]

Crypto surges in India after Bitcoin ban lifted

On March 5th 2020, India’s Supreme Court lifted Indian’s cryptocurrency ban. In the months since, Indian crypto exchanges have seen a huge surge in trading volumes and investment despite a significant contraction of the Indian economy caused by Covid-19 In April 2018 the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), India’s central bank, had ordered financial institutions […]

Bitcoin’s ‘quiet boom’ in Africa

LAGOS: Four months ago, Abolaji Odunjo made a fundamental change to his business selling mobile phones in a bustling street market in Lagos: He started paying his suppliers in bitcoin. Odunjo sources handsets and accessories from China and the UAE. His Chinese suppliers asked to be paid in the cryptocurrency, he said, for speed and convenience. […]

What Is ‘Buy The Dip’ Bitcoin Strategy? BTC Buyers Increase Amid Price Plunge

Despite Bitcoin currently trading at the lower $10,000 level, data suggests investors are not cashing out anytime soon. In fact, evidence suggested that new investors are coming in to buy the current Bitcoin supply. Bitcoin fell to as much as $9,889 Monday before bouncing back up to hit the daily close of $10,375 on Coinbase, […]

3 reasons why Bitcoin suddenly dipped under $10K today — and recovered

The price of Bitcoin briefly dropped below $10,000, causing the entire cryptocurrency market to slump in a short period. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped to sub-$10,000 across major exchanges again on Sep. 5, marking two consecutive days of testing the crucial level. Other major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum’s Ether (ETH), fell by nearly 10%. The […]

Did Crypto Exchange, Gemini, Run Out of Bitcoins to Withdraw?

Bitcoin price dropped as low as $10,000 yesterday with the altcoins following the pursuit. The dip began on Wednesday when leading crypto exchanges like Bithumb, Binance and Coinbase experienced issues like police raids and congestion due to high network fees on Ethereum. Investors still holding bullish sentiments are looking for reversal signs to buy the […]

During pandemic, Japanese investors shy away from Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and save cash

Japan appears poised for hard times. Exports have plummeted and job losses and pay cuts are a haunting specter. Domestic demand, slammed late last year by a tax hike, remains timid as a government discount campaign intended to spur spending has been met with limited consumer interest. To cover a shortfall in tax revenues, the debt-laden government recently issued more bonds. Fortunately, […]

Record-high Bitcoin whale population is bullish for BTC price — Analyst

The number of Bitcoin whales has hit a new all-time high, signalling that BTC is still in an accumulation phase. In recent weeks, the number of Bitcoin (BTC) addresses holding over 1,000 BTC — often referred to as “whales” — rapidly increased to around 2,088. This trend started shortly after Bitcoin price crashed to $3,600 […]

Cycle trading: Bitcoin bullish reversal

GBTC printed a bullish reversal on Tuesday. Tuesday was day 27 for the daily GBTC cycle.  That places it in its timing band for a daily cycle low. Tuesday’s bullish reversal eases the parameters for forming a swing low.  A swing low and close above the February resistance level would have us label day 27 […]

Is It Too Late To Invest In Bitcoin?

Due to Bitcoin witnessing exceptional returns in recent years, many people think it’s too late to start stacking. Now, an anonymous blogger named “Bitster Money Mustache” (we’ll call him BMM) published an analysis, showing that most investors who have assumed this, were wrong to do so. BMM entered the market 2 months before Bitcoin’s All […]

If history repeats: Bitcoin at $20,000 or greater, can the network handle it?

The most-awaited bitcoin bull run seems to be just around the corner. With bitcoin dipping its toes above $12,000 twice in August the excitement for the bull run is palpable. With bull run come the dreams of getting a 10X, 100X, on the investment and even becoming a millionaire. Unlike in 2017, the state of […]

A possible future use for bitcoin? Russian bank issues loan using cryptocurrency as collateral for first time

A Russian bank has issued a loan secured by cryptocurrency for the first time ever, marking a new milestone in the history of the controversial digital alternatives to existing financial instruments. The loan, issued by Expobank to businessman Mikhail Uspensky, used the currency known as ‘waves’ as collateral. It was founded by Ukrainian entrepreneur Alexander […]

Here are the Crucial Levels Bitcoin Needs to Defend to Push Higher

Ethereum has seen mixed price action over the past couple of weeks After rallying to highs of nearly $450 last week, the crypto faced an insurmountable influx of selling pressure that forced it lower Initially, this decline forced ETH to lows of $398 before it bounced towards $420, but today it faced another bout of […]

Nigeria’s Foreign Currency Crisis Boon for Bitcoin: Country Tops Wallet Downloads Ahead of the US

Nigeria’s weakening naira currency, as well as the shortage of U.S. dollars, are forcing businesses to switch to bitcoin as the means of settling payments for international transactions. Nigerian businesses need the American currency to buy new supplies, as well as to order essential equipment from abroad. However, formal sources of foreign currency like banks […]

Bitcoin Is Now Bigger than Bank of America and NZ Dollar by Market Cap

As Bitcoin reaches a new yearly high of $12,470, its market cap is now greater than Bank of America’s and New Zealand’s fiat currency. As Bitcoin gets more support from first-time investors, its market capitalization has risen past Bank of America’s market valuation, and put it within striking distance of PayPal’s. According to AssetDash data […]

How is Tether helping Bitcoin’s demand?

Bitcoin is now trading close to $12,000, a level which it breached and broke below two times over the past two weeks. Will it be third time lucky for the world’s top cryptocurrency? Since breaking over $12,000 on 2 August, for the first time since June 2019, it has been subject to a ‘bull trap.’ […]

Here’s Why Bitcoin Is A Better Bet Than Gold & Even Stocks

Bitcoin, which is up 60% for the year against the US dollar, is still early in the adoption game with lots of upside potential as such a number of “very large traditional hedge funds are active in crypto” though doesn’t talk about it. Bitcoin again came close to hitting $12,000 yesterday but failed to do […]

Younger Investors Are Buying More Bitcoin, Older Ones Prefer Gold, JPMorgan Says

Younger investors prefer tech stocks and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Older investors sell equities and buy bonds and gold Bitcoin and gold’s correlation has increased, attributing to investor perception that both are safe haven assets Retail investing activity differs depending on the age of the investor, a study by financial firm JPMorgan revealed. Younger retail investors […]

Customer Demand Sees Square Buying 598% More Bitcoin in Q2 2020

Square’s bitcoin revenue contributed $875 million and $17 million in gross profit which was partially driven by government stimulus and unemployment benefits. July has “delivered strong revenue and gross profit” in peer-to-peer payments and bitcoin investing. As Q2 ends, the financial report for the quarter ending July 30 comes flowing in with “strong growth” as […]

Bitcoin Is Rising Again. Asking Why Takes You Down the Financial Rabbit Hole – Jack Hough

I think I’m ready to issue my next Bitcoin prediction. I’m consistently wrong, which makes this a valuable service. In mid-February, after Bitcoin had shot from $4,000 to $10,000 in a year, I raised the question here of whether speculative excess might push it still higher. Then it fell by half in a month. I […]

Swiss Exchange SIX Lists Actively Managed Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Product

Switzerland’s principal stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange is listing a new bitcoin exchange-traded product (ETP). The BTCA index, otherwise known as the “Bitcoin Capital Active ETP (BTCA),” is different from other crypto ETPs exchanged on SIX because it’s an “actively managed” cryptocurrency ETP. SIX Swiss Exchange, based in Zurich is one Switzerland’s most popular stock […]

How Real Is Bitcoin’s Rally? 8 Interpretations of Bitcoin’s Massive Surge

As bitcoin retraces slightly after reaching a new 2020 high about $11,000, NLW explores what’s driving the BTC rally and how likely it is to continue. Eight ways to understand bitcoin’s massive surge Banks stacking due to changes in custody rules Money printer go brrr Stock to flow model Robinhood traders piling in DeFi gain […]

Top 5 Dutch Bitcoin Exchanges in 2020

Looking for the best Dutch Bitcoin exchanges in 2020? This exclusive guide will help you pick one of the best Bitcoin exchanges in the Netherlands to do business with. Bitcoin (BTC) is gaining momentum faster than anybody initially thought. People around the globe have already started talking about it, and thanks to many new startups, […]

Coinbase Sees More Institutional Investors Buying Bitcoin in H1

Coinbase says more institutional investors are now using its platform to build direct positions in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto fund managers are now getting more backing from institutional investors that see the crypto market as an alternative investment strategy. In a report, the exchange says it observed a “noticeable uptick in institutional business’s growth” in […]

The Future for Unregulated Bitcoin Exchanges

To KYC or not to KYC? In this episode, CoinDesk’s Anna Baydakova talks to Hodl Hodl and Bisq, two non-custodial, no-KYC bitcoin exchanges. One year ago, the Financial Action Task Force, the global anti-money laundering watchdog, ruled that crypto transactions data should be controllable, and ever since the question has been not if you KYC […]

These 3 Metrics Suggest Bitcoin Is Building Up Bullish Momentum

Bitcoin is finally rallying after weeks of flatlining in the low-$9,000s and high-$8,000s. As of this article’s writing, the asset trades for $9,750 — the highest price in about a month. Volatility remains low on a macro scale, according to analysts and volatility indicators. This indicates the asset will soon see a strong breakout. A […]

Banks Storing Bitcoin Means They Are Panicking — Max Keiser

The recent approval of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets for custody in the US banking sector is one of the best news to happen to the crypto industry in 2020. However, pundits have stated that the move is selfish preservation on the part of banks, who are scared of the imminent disintegration of fiat currencies and […]

New Russian Law Bans Bitcoin Payments for Goods and Services

Russian lawmakers have passed a bill that gives legal status to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin – but bans them from being used to pay for goods and services. Legislators approved the Digital Financial Assets (DFA) bill on July 22 after its third and final reading. It had already won backing from senior lawmakers like Anatoly […]

Is gold and silver the next bitcoin for millennials? This could be revolutionary

What the gold sector has needed for years is generalist interest in the space, and one demographic in particular that has shied away from the sector is now showing unprecedented interest, according to Lobo Tiggre, principal analyst of the Independent Speculator. “Young people today understand that there is a risk in calling something money that […]

India’s crypto trading boom: 7 apps to buy, sell, store bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

Even as India faces its worst economic crisis in almost three decades, local crypto trading, especially on peer-to-peer exchanges, has peaked. This is believed to be a direct impact of the Supreme Court lifting RBI’s “unconstitutional” two-year ban on cryptocurrencies in March, only three weeks before the country went into lockdown. Anticipating a favourable result, […]

Institutions Are Buying Massive Amounts of BTC via Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust

Grayscale Investments, LLC recently reported exorbitant demand from institutional investors looking to gain exposure to Bitcoin. Key Takeaways Appetite for BTC has grown after the halving, especially from institutional players.  Bitcoin miners are unable to produce enough coins to meet demand from Grayscale customers alone. With an economic crisis lurking, this may just be the […]

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Very Strongly Advises Buying Bitcoin, Silver, and Gold

On Tuesday (May 19), Robert Kiyosaki, the highly successful and world-renowned author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad’ series of personal finance books, made yet another passionate plea for people to protect their savings — from the unlimited money printing that central banks seem prepared do – by investing in silver, gold, and Bitcoin. “Rich Dad Poor […]

Top Reasons Why Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Buying Bitcoin Is a Big Deal?

How To Choose An ICO To Invest In New ICOs (OTC) The last 24 hrs in the Bitcoin community have been all about “Paul Tudor Jones” a reputed wall street hedge fund manager who in a letter to his clients explained cryptocurrency as a performer amid the current market meltdown. While many already are taking his […]

JP Morgan and Goldman Advise Clients to Not Buy Bitcoin, Claims Industry Exec

How To Choose An ICO To Invest In New ICOs (OTC) Advisors at JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are discouraging clients from purchasing Bitcoin, claims a California-based wealth manager. Newly launched Digital Asset Investment Management risked losing an institutional client upon the two banks’ intervention. The firm admits that the potential Bitcoin buyer got cold feet […]

Japanese Investors Rushed To Buy The Dip After Bitcoin Bloodbath

How To Choose An ICO To Invest In New ICOs (OTC) The number of retail investors registering for an account with Japanese cryptocurrency exchange bitbank spiked by 40% in the week after the Bitcoin bloodbath.  The March 12 meltdown saw the price of Bitcoin (BTC) drop to a new 2020 low at $3,775. An official blog […]

The Opera browser just made it super easy to buy bitcoin with Apple Pay

After introducing a cryptocurrency wallet across all of its mobile and desktop browser iterations, the Norweigian company behind the Opera browser just made it easy for users in the US to purchase cryptocurrencies with either a debit card or Apple’s digital payment solution Apple Pay. This is an expansion of Opera’s crypto purchase solution to […]

How to Anonymously Buy Bitcoin Online and in Person

Buying bitcoin is a bit like buying contraception: it’s a basic human right, you should be entitled to do so privately, and it’s nobody’s business what you plan to do with it. Whether you’re buying bitcoin to set aside for a rainy day or to expend immediately in a fit of passion, you shouldn’t have […]

Best Exchange To Buy Bitcoin in Russia (Ruble)

Buying and trading cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Altcoin) can be tricky if you are in Russia. Bitcoin has grown its popularity over time, but every country has its own set of rules and regulations. Russia has been very particular in banning Bitcoin and putting regulations into trading of cryptocurrencies. Although cryptocurrencies were legitimized in 2016, this […]

First-Time Bitcoin Buyers ‘Doubled’ in Square’s Q3 Report

The payments company, founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, released its earnings results on Wednesday, reporting revenues of $1.27 billion between July 1 and Sept. 30 of this year. Though Square’s crypto business remains a niche concern for the publicly traded company, more users are turning to Square’s Cash App as a gateway to bitcoin […]

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