China’s digital currency

China’s Nationwide Blockchain Network BSN Will Launch in April 2020

Founded by government-run entities, China’s nationwide blockchain network will launch in April 2020, following a six-month beta testing period. China’s nationwide blockchain network, the Blockchain-based Ser­vice Net­work (BSN), will launch in April 2020, six months after it was rolled out for testing. Backed by Chinese government policy think tank the State In­for­ma­tion Cen­ter (SIC), the […]

Japanese Official Calls for Development of Digital Yen in ‘Two-To-Three Years

Kozo Yamamoto, a senior lawmaker from Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party, has called for the development of a digital yen within “two-to-three years” to counter the digital currency initiatives of China and Facebook. According to Reuters, Yamamoto commented a draft proposal for the development of the government’s digital currency will be included in the government’s […]

Urgent Development of Digital Yen to Counter China

Japan has moved up a gear. Yamamoto’s commentary on Libra comes at a time when other lawmakers in the country echo his concerns. Japan is unlikely to issue digital currency soon due to technical and legal issues. But ongoing efforts highlight Tokyo’s pressure on China and Facebook’s progress in digital currencies. Among the major central […]

Rumors Circulating That Fed Will Announce Plans to Digitize the Dollar

Rumors are swirling that the Federal Reserve plans to announce an initiative to digitize the US dollar, according to Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of the blockchain venture capital fund Morgan Creek Digital. Pomp first tweeted about the rumors earlier today, reporting that an announcement could come as soon as this week in an effort that could […]

National digital currencies fail to fix the stablecoin problem

2019 will go down as the year when the world went digital currency crazy. Not crypto crazy (that was 2017), but crazy for issuing national and corporate digital coins. Facebook. China. Canada. Thailand. The list of countries and companies experimenting with digital currencies is long and incongruous. On the surface, entities such as Facebook and the Chinese government could […]

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