Crypto Market Forecast

China’s digital currency to connect Hong Kong, China’s trade finance blockchains

Linking trade finance blockchains China’s trade finance blockchain, also known as the ‘Bay Area Trade Finance Blockchain Platform” (BATFB)’, was built in conjunction with the Digital Currency Institute. As we reported four months ago, it had processed $4.5 billion (30 billion Yuan) and had 28 bank members since its launch in September last year. Now, […]

China and Russia begin testing cryptocurrency

A lot has happened last week on the crypto market. Here is a summary of the main events: Bank of China announced that it is ready to test the digital yuan, the developer of Ethereum named the date of the next hard fork cryptocurrency, the Bank of Russia has begun tests of their own cryptocurrency, […]

Monopoly of sovereign issuance of money is ‘clearly over’ – RT’s Boom Bust

The world could be potentially on the brink of another financial crisis, but the rise of cryptocurrencies could become a hedge against recession, according to Nolan Bauerle, Director of Research at Coindesk. He talks to Boom Bust about the future of crypto, saying that “A lot of bitcoin people have been talking about this exact scenario […]

Crypto contradiction: Boom Bust explores how governments try to control cryptocurrencies that were not meant to be regulated

China’s Central Bank has unveiled plans to roll out its own digital currency, which will be called DCEP (Digital currency Electronic Payment). Beijing has been working on the project for about five or six years. RT’s Boom Bust talks to Todd Horwitz of Bubba Trading about the latest in digital currency developments. “If you look […]

9 start-ups sparking a digital revolution in St Petersburg

Renowned for being the cultural capital of Russia, St Petersburg is home to a promising and vibrant young tech scene. Established by Tsar Peter the Great in 1703, St Petersburg has borne a few different names. In its time, it has been known as Petrograd and Leningrad, and once again as St Petersburg. This elegant […]

Crypto Market Forecast

The crypto markets continued to grind downwards last week. Market benchmark BTC slid towards the $7000 price level to close the week 6% down. Meanwhile, prime brokerage firm Tagomi announced reduced fees for institutional crypto traders, and Russia’s biggest darknet marketplace announced a $146 million ICO. The crypto markets continued to pull back this week, […]

Despite 85% Drop From $1,400 ATH, Ethereum is Up 474x From ICO Price

Ethereum (ETH) has had quite the fall from grace in terms of price. In 2017, the altcoin was literally all the rage — the cryptocurrency that everyone knew besides Bitcoin was Ethereum. This hype culminated in a massive price run-up that brought ETH from the single and double digits to an all-time high of $1,400 […]

Social Trading Tools Might Be the Key to Simplifying Crypto Trading for Retail Investors

Cryptocurrency means different things to different people. To early adopters, millennials, techies, geeks, and risk-loving investors, cryptocurrency is the future of money. During bull markets, the incredible performance of cryptocurrencies over traditional assets such as equities, real estate, and gold often makes a solid case for why crypto deserves a place in your portfolio. However, […]

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