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Google searches for ‘Ethereum’ hit all-time high

Not many crypto search terms have come close to their peaks in spite of the new bull market, but Ethereum is a notable exception. More people are searching for the word “Ethereum” now than ever before in its history.  Google Trends data reveals that the number of Google searches currently being performed for “Ethereum” is at […]

Are there “safe” returns in Defi?

Keeping up with which project is or is not a scam, staking, governance and incentive hunting might not be your thing and perhaps you want something on the more ‘boring’ side of crypto?  Is there such a thing?  Where would you start to look for the ‘safest’ yield? Anything named after food or claiming ridiculous […]

Ethereum DeFi: This new token surged more than 900% in one week

A new token is riding the decentralized finance (DeFi) wave all the way to the top, gaining an eye-popping 900% in just one week. Yearn Finance DOT (YFDOT) shot up from $13.1 to hit an all-time high at $132. The rise to the top YFDOT is a relative newcomer in the DeFi scene according to […]

Yearn Finance absorbs Pickle to boost DeFi rewards

DeFi protocol Yearn has taken Pickle onboard to create new vaults and strategies. Decentralized finance protocol Yearn Finance has announced a partnership with Pickle Finance to bolster yield farming incentives, and compensate victims of the recent Pickle exploit that resulted in the loss of almost $20 million in Dai. According to an announcement from Yearn […]

DeFi Rules: Top 10 Ethereum DApps Cross The 1 Million-Mark In Daily Active Users In The Past Month

Top 10 Ethereum DApps collectively record over 1 million active users. DeFi dApps dominate the field, with over 94% of the total active number of users. Gaming and Collectibles also on the rise. According to a report by blockchain analytics platform, DappRadar, the top 10 DApps have crossed the million-mark number of active users over […]

What Is DeFi?

DeFi is short for “decentralized finance,” an umbrella term for a variety of financial applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain geared toward disrupting financial intermediaries. DeFi draws inspiration from blockchain, the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin, which allows several entities to hold a copy of a history of transactions, meaning it isn’t controlled by a […]

Ethereum 2.0 to boost DeFi but delayed launch may set the network back

The launch of Ethereum 2.0 is bound to support DeFi growth, but would it be capable of handling the pace at which DeFi is growing? Ultimately, the eventual launch of Ethereum 2.0 will have an effect on the decentralized finance market. In 2020, the DeFi sector has grown significantly but has already experienced a slight […]

Yearn.Finance founder Andre Cronje introduces new DeFi protocol ‘Deriswap’

Andre Cronje, the founder of the popular decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Yearn.Finance, has introduced a new project. Dubbed Deriswap, Cronje’s new protocol combines different segments of DeFi — swaps, options, and loans – into one platform. “Deriswap allows for a consolidated, capital efficient market for trading, Options, Futures, and Loans, allowing LPs [liquidity providers] to […]

Bittrex Global confirms free trading and listing for top DeFi tokens

International cryptocurrency exchange promotes free trading and no gas fees for leading DeFi tokens 17th November 2020 – Bittrex Global GmbH. announced today 8 new DeFi tokens will be listed this week including: UMA (UMA) Aave (AAVE) Balancer (BAL) REN (REN & renBTC) Kyber Network (KNC) Band Protocol (BAND) YF Link – (YFL) Bittrex Global’s […]

Four reasons why DeFi is set to disrupt the global financial system

The shift from CeFi and DeFi continues to gain momentum. DeFi is set to disrupt the existing financial structure as it proves more beneficial. Market participants seem to be divided on whether or not decentralized finance (DeFi) is set to disrupt the current centralized financial system. Given the rising number of issues that have led […]

Nervos launches new token standards, furthering Defi push

Chinese public blockchain Nervos has launched a new token standard for use in a branch of blockchain-based finance to compete with Ethereum’s popular ERC-20 standard used in developing smart contracts. Why it matters: With the launch of the new token standard, Hangzhou-based Nervos continues its decentralized finance (Defi) push, enabling many assets to be traded […]

The DeFi market desperately needs to connect with real-world assets

Connecting DeFi with traditional financial instruments will give a massive boost to the whole market. With over $13 billion in total value locked, decentralized finance has truly shaken the crypto world in the last year. It has provided a new way to profit from the crypto market. Meanwhile, DeFi right now is only a niche […]

Yield Trust DeFi Protocol With Anti-Manipulation Features

Yield Trust Team from Stockholm, Sweden is ready to launch its new DeFi protocol for public access, providing users exciting and unique technologies to finally beat market manipulation and reduce market affection by the whales. The protocol is going to grow all around starting its move to Polkadot after releasing all significant features and might […]

3 Lessons From the Summer DeFi Boom

The cryptocurrency world is prone to hype, whether on the grand scale of the ICO boom and Bitcoin price pump of 2017 or the lesser scale of a new project or platform launching. This year has been all about DeFi and its revolutionary potential to reshape finance. In February, total value locked in decentralized finance applications […]

Altcoins & DeFi Back in the Game as Bitcoin Consolidates

After having a run-up of over 20% this week, Bitcoin is taking a breather. On Thursday, the leading digital asset went to nearly $16,000 after starting the month just above $13,000. This started in October when BTC traded around $10,000 and got into action towards the end of the month. Now, we are trading under […]

Following One Decade Of Growth, DeFi Could Guide Bitcoin’s Next

Since 2009, Bitcoin has come a long way while proving its worth, improving its regulatory standing and raising interest globally through media and the internet. From having zero relative value to fiat as a currency in its early days to being valued at $19,783.06 in December 2017, bitcoin has shown immense power. Today, nearly everybody, […]

DeFi sector struggles as Bitcoin sees another surge

Bitcoin price recently saw a significant increase, while at the same time, DeFi tokens started declining. The two appear to be in negative correlation, and some speculate that BTC might be taking capital away. DeFi projects have been losing money to Ethereum, as well, even though most are based on its network. Both Bitcoin (BTC) […]

Ethereum Fees Plummeted 65% in October Following DeFi Volumes Back to Earth

Miners’ income from processing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain more than halved in October as the mania for decentralized finance (DeFi) cooled. Miners’ income from processing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain more than halved in October as the mania for decentralized finance (DeFi) cooled. Ethereum users paid $57.49 million in transaction fees in October – […]

Kava CEO Brian Kerr: DeFi Will Escape Ethereum’s Dominance In 2021 (Exclusive Interview)

DeFi will breakout of Ethereum’s grip due to current network issues, while the sector becomes even more cross-chained in nature, according to Kava CEO Brian Kerr. CryptoPotato recently had the opportunity to interview Brian Kerr – the CEO of the DeFi project Kava. Built on Cosmos as a proof-of-stake blockchain, Kava allows users to stake […]

A DeFi Future Unveiled at Virtual Ethereum Hackathon

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has been the center of attention at this year’s ETHGlobal conference which was held completely virtual this year. A raft of new, innovative concepts and projects has been unveiled at the event, demonstrating what the future of DeFi could hold. This year’s ETHGlobal event has been renamed ETHOnline and is being conducted […]

The Clock is Ticking for Bitcoin to Make a Massive Move; What Analysts are Saying

Bitcoin’s price has been caught within an incredibly tight consolidation phase over the past few weeks Multiple trend catalysts – both bearish and bullish – have arisen during this time, yet none of them have been able to provide BTC with any notable momentum Analysts are now noting that this won’t last for too much […]

SEC Commissioner Peirce Weighs in Defi Token Regulation Debate: Panel Predicts Defi Will Self Correct in Twelve Months

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner, Hester Peirce says while defi tokens carry some equity-like benefits, she believes that giving something away is distinct from selling something. As a result of this lack of clarity, Peirce says questions about the regulatory structure and how these tokens could affect corporate governance will continue to linger. Speaking […]

DeFi market cap drops 25% in one day

The DeFi markets took a sharp downturn yesterday, with the combined capitalization of DeFi assets falling 25% while volumes shrunk 30%. The decentralized finance (DeFi) bubble continues to deflate, with crypto market data firm Sentiment reporting a 25% crash in the market capitalization of DeFi assets during yesterday alone. In a blog post published Oct. […]

Ethereum hashrate hits a new high of 250 TH/s

The hash rate on the Ethereum network has surged 80% since January, surpassing the previous highs set in August 2018 The amount of computational power needed to process transactions and secure the Ethereum network has spiked to hit a new high. As of writing, the network’s hash rate is more than 250 terahashes per second, […]

MetaMask drops the hammer on the DeFi industry

The software for accessing ETH blockchain now supports the token swap feature. The new functionality may become a game-changer in the DEX and DeFi industry. MetaMask dives into DEX business MetaMask is a comprehensive software for accessing Ethereum blockchain and performing various operations within the ETH ecosystem. Developed by the Ethereum dev company ConsenSys, it […]

The popularity and hidden danger of DeFi

Those who pay attention to the cryptocurrency space are likely heard of decentralized finance and the immeasurable wealth that it has created for many people. According to OKLink data, in June 2020, the total value locked on DeFi is only about $1 billion, however, by September, this number had grown to $9.83 billion, recording an […]

DeFi indexes crash despite strong fundamentals

Binance Futures’ DeFi Composite Index has lost half of its value since launching, while TokenSets’ DeFi Pulse Index is down by one-third. On August 28, Binance Futures launched its DeFi Composite Index, a basket of DeFi tokens that initially comprised 27% Chainlink (LINK) and 11% Aave (LEND) alongside nine other prominent DeFi tokens that made […]

Here’s how Tezos has big plans for DeFi

Once among the market’s top-10 cryptocurrencies, Tezos has steadily fallen on the charts to rest at 17th on CoinMarketCap’s list, at press time.  In fact, the market cap for Tezos has dropped from a peak of $3.065 billion in August 2020 to $1.584 billion in October. Despite such a drop in market capitalization, however, investors […]

So how does China feel about DeFi?

Since President Xi Jinping’s announcement last year to prioritize blockchain development in China, the country has been the first to launch its CBDC, created the BSN network, and applied for a record 4,435 blockchain patents. While these seem like big strides forward towards adoption, there is still a ban in place on trading cryptocurrency. The […]

Will Blockchain DeFi Go Mainstream?

Adoption of permissioned blockchain is growing slowly albeit steadily in enterprises around the globe. Production use cases are increasing, as upcoming Gartner research will show, but the big bang of blockchain has yet to materialize. Value propositions still mainly revolve around process improvement rather than true business transformation. Enter the DeFi Explosion DeFi applications, which […]

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