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The Clock is Ticking for Bitcoin to Make a Massive Move; What Analysts are Saying

Bitcoin’s price has been caught within an incredibly tight consolidation phase over the past few weeks Multiple trend catalysts – both bearish and bullish – have arisen during this time, yet none of them have been able to provide BTC with any notable momentum Analysts are now noting that this won’t last for too much […]

SEC Commissioner Peirce Weighs in Defi Token Regulation Debate: Panel Predicts Defi Will Self Correct in Twelve Months

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner, Hester Peirce says while defi tokens carry some equity-like benefits, she believes that giving something away is distinct from selling something. As a result of this lack of clarity, Peirce says questions about the regulatory structure and how these tokens could affect corporate governance will continue to linger. Speaking […]

DeFi market cap drops 25% in one day

The DeFi markets took a sharp downturn yesterday, with the combined capitalization of DeFi assets falling 25% while volumes shrunk 30%. The decentralized finance (DeFi) bubble continues to deflate, with crypto market data firm Sentiment reporting a 25% crash in the market capitalization of DeFi assets during yesterday alone. In a blog post published Oct. […]

Ethereum hashrate hits a new high of 250 TH/s

The hash rate on the Ethereum network has surged 80% since January, surpassing the previous highs set in August 2018 The amount of computational power needed to process transactions and secure the Ethereum network has spiked to hit a new high. As of writing, the network’s hash rate is more than 250 terahashes per second, […]

MetaMask drops the hammer on the DeFi industry

The software for accessing ETH blockchain now supports the token swap feature. The new functionality may become a game-changer in the DEX and DeFi industry. MetaMask dives into DEX business MetaMask is a comprehensive software for accessing Ethereum blockchain and performing various operations within the ETH ecosystem. Developed by the Ethereum dev company ConsenSys, it […]

The popularity and hidden danger of DeFi

Those who pay attention to the cryptocurrency space are likely heard of decentralized finance and the immeasurable wealth that it has created for many people. According to OKLink data, in June 2020, the total value locked on DeFi is only about $1 billion, however, by September, this number had grown to $9.83 billion, recording an […]

DeFi indexes crash despite strong fundamentals

Binance Futures’ DeFi Composite Index has lost half of its value since launching, while TokenSets’ DeFi Pulse Index is down by one-third. On August 28, Binance Futures launched its DeFi Composite Index, a basket of DeFi tokens that initially comprised 27% Chainlink (LINK) and 11% Aave (LEND) alongside nine other prominent DeFi tokens that made […]

Here’s how Tezos has big plans for DeFi

Once among the market’s top-10 cryptocurrencies, Tezos has steadily fallen on the charts to rest at 17th on CoinMarketCap’s list, at press time.  In fact, the market cap for Tezos has dropped from a peak of $3.065 billion in August 2020 to $1.584 billion in October. Despite such a drop in market capitalization, however, investors […]

So how does China feel about DeFi?

Since President Xi Jinping’s announcement last year to prioritize blockchain development in China, the country has been the first to launch its CBDC, created the BSN network, and applied for a record 4,435 blockchain patents. While these seem like big strides forward towards adoption, there is still a ban in place on trading cryptocurrency. The […]

Will Blockchain DeFi Go Mainstream?

Adoption of permissioned blockchain is growing slowly albeit steadily in enterprises around the globe. Production use cases are increasing, as upcoming Gartner research will show, but the big bang of blockchain has yet to materialize. Value propositions still mainly revolve around process improvement rather than true business transformation. Enter the DeFi Explosion DeFi applications, which […]

DeFi plummets: 3 reasons for the 46% correction from YFI, UNI, DEX tokens

After outperforming Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) strongly in August, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tokens are now plummeting as many registered losses of up to 50%. Cryptocurrency daily market performance snapshot. Source: Coin360 At the moment, the two coins garnering the most attention are Yearn.finance (YFI) and Uniswap (UNI) as both have dropped by 46% and […]

What Is DeFi?

DeFi is short for “decentralized finance,” an umbrella term for a variety of financial applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain geared toward disrupting financial intermediaries. DeFi draws inspiration from blockchain, the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin, which allows several entities to hold a copy of a history of transactions, meaning it isn’t controlled by a […]

Ethereum under pressure from DeFI; Can Bitcoin capitalize?

2020 saw Ethereum [ETH] briefly take over Bitcoin’s lead in the market. However, this growth was the result of the boom witnessed by the decentralized finance [DeFi] ecosystem. According to data provided by Skew, the price volatility of Ethereum and Bitcoin are converging. The converging spread of the Ether-Bitcoin 6-month at-the-money [ATM] Implied Volatility had […]

Crypto.Com Has Launched a DeFi Exchange Based on Uniswap

Key Takeaways Crypto.com has launched a DeFi swap based on Etherum. Users can trade cryptocurrencies or stake their holdings. The service is separate from Crypto.com’s custodial, centralized exchange, and offers users more control over their funds. Eight Coins Supported The app currently supports eight coins: Ethereum (ETH), Compound (COMP), Crypto.com Token (CRO), Dai (DAI), Chainlink […]

Tether Recovers 1,000,000 USDT for User Who Sent It to Wrong DeFi Address, Here’s What Happened

Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino has taken to Twitter to announce that Tether has recovered and returned 1,000,000 USDT to a user who mistakenly sent it to a wrong DeFi address and thought that the money had been lost forever. The centralized finance (CeFi) platform quickly responded and did its best to help. A user loses 1 […]

Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Brings First DeFi Token Listing to New York

Compound’s token listing on Gemini confirms American regulatory clearance for the DeFi token from the most stringent financial watchdogs in the world. Key Takeaways Gemini crypto listed three new cryptocurrencies on Sept. 11 – PAXG, AMP, and COMP. Compound‘s COMP token listing by Gemini marks the official entry of DeFi in New York, which even […]

Huobi Launches Crypto Saving Products to Compete With DeFi Yield Farming

Huobi, the third-largest crypto exchange by derivatives trading volume, is now giving users a way to earn relatively attractive interest rates on a bitcoin or USDT savings account. The product, launched Sept. 7, is the exchange’s latest bid to beat its competitors as it boosts its assets under management. Huobi’s addition targets retail traders less […]

DeFi goes boom as top tokens crash by 50% in one week

The recent crypto market crash has wreaked havoc on DeFi tokens, with with 95% of DeFi assets posting a seven-day loss The decentralized finance (DeFi) bubble appears to have popped for the time being, with half a dozen top DeFi tokens shedding half of their fiat value over the past seven days. According to crypto […]

DeFi will change the crypto top-30

Bitcoin bounced after breaking through the most important technical and psychological level of $10K. Nevertheless, this impulse is clearly not enough to develop a confident market reversal. At the beginning of the working week, Bitcoin traded around $10,100, showing almost zero dynamics in the last day. As it dropped below $10K, the trading volume jumped […]

Don’t be fooled – Here’s why Ethereum’s DeFi Lending isn’t really a thing

Let’s face it – DeFi is a big deal right now. Unexpectedly so, but it really is. Perhaps, nothing highlights this better than the fact that the Total Value Locked figures for DeFi have soared from just under $700M in January to over $7.8 billion, at the time of writing. It has, simply put, been […]

How to Leverage Uniswap – Ethereum’s Noncustodial Defi Trading Platform

In 2020 decentralized exchanges (dex) have grown quite mature compared to just a few years ago. One specific dex gathering a lot of steam this year in the defi world is Uniswap, a trading platform that held $1.3 billion locked in value and dominated most defi applications by over 18% Friday evening. The following review […]

Top Ethereum DeFi Coins Dive 25% or More Amid Crypto Correction

It’s been a bad past few days for the crypto market, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins crashing in sync. Bitcoin has dropped around 20% from its local highs while Ethereum has shed more than 35%. Altcoins, though, have suffered even worse, especially those that have performed well over recent months. Most Ethereum-based decentralized finance […]

4 Things That Could Cause the DeFi Bubble to Pop

The DeFi market is growing at an exponential rate. Here are 4 things that could pop the bubble. The market for decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions has skyrocketed in the past four months as investors are happy to stake their cryptocurrency in various lending protocols to earn astronomically high returns. Back in March this year, the […]

Unchained’s Laura Shin on the Future of DeFi

Well-known crypto journalist Laura Shin recently did a Twitter AMA In it, she listed her top crypto leaders and weighed in on the DeFi craze She also struck a word of caution and urged people not to be greedy On Friday, well-known crypto journalist and host of the Unchained Podcast, Laura Shin, held a Twitter […]

There is no DeFi Without ChainLink (LINK) – Weiss

In a tweet earlier this week, the team at Weiss Ratings concluded that ChainLink (LINK) will continue being an integral part of the DeFi revolution. The team also explained that the DeFi boom is a pillar of the ongoing crypto revolution. The team at Weiss explained these facts as follows. There is no “#crypto revolution” […]

Is DeFi’s Total Value Locked (TVL) The Best Way To Measure Market Growth: DappRadar Report

The foremost DeFi metric is the total value locked (TVL), which measures the amount borrowed to amount deposited on lending DeFi protocols and the liquidity provided on decentralized exchanges (DEX). The excessive growth in decentralized finance (DeFi) total value locked metric offers a distorted view, a report from DappRadar states. Focusing on the most significant […]

Bitcoins Are Being Tokenized Faster Than They’re Mined as DeFi Craze Continues

Since Sunday, 1,043 more bitcoins were tokenized through Wrapped Bitcoin than were actually created by bitcoin miners as the Ethereum-based decentralized finance (DeFi) boom shows no signs of abating. About 900 bitcoins are mined per day, given the current issuance rate of 6.25 bitcoins minted per block and the target 10-minute block time. At last […]

Total Value Locked in Defi Surpasses $4 Billion, ETH Up Over 70% Last 30-Days

Statistics show that the decentralized finance (defi) economy has grown massively this year as the total value locked (TVL) in defi recently surpassed $4 billion. Between dex platforms, derivatives, stablecoins, lending, and non-fungible asset creation the second quarter of 2020 has propelled the Ethereum network to new heights. Decentralized finance (defi) is a term used […]

Defi Is So Hot Ethereum Fees Just Surpassed Levels Unseen Since 2017

The total value locked in decentralized finance (DeFi) has surpassed $4 billion. With it, the transaction fees to miners on the Ethereum network has surged to levels unseen for three years. Citing Glassnode’s on-chain data, market analysts at Unfolded wrote: “The total amount of fees paid to miners are above the [2017] craze. In July, […]

DeFi is smaller than most digital assets – Messari

Messari researcher Ryan Watkins has compared the market values of DeFi protocols to other cryptocurrencies. The combined total value locked in DeFi is around $3.71 billion. Watkins concluded that DeFi needs capital reallocation.  Messari researcher, Ryan Watkins, shed some light on how small the decentralized finance (DeFi) market is compared to other digital assets.  The […]

Vitalik Says DeFi Users Are ‘Underestimating Smart Contract Risk’

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has warned about the risks of smart contract exploits in DeFi. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has warned of the dangers of ‘smart contract risk’ in DeFi protocols in an interview to mark Ethereum’s fifth birthday. Buterin also warned users not to ‘risk their life savings’ in DefI in his appearance on […]

Ethereum Is Still King, but DeFi on Other Blockchains Is Gathering Steam

DeFi is not limited to Ethereum, and investors are starting to catch on. Although many of the significant DeFi protocols are built on Ethereum, there’s still a nascent cross-chain ecosystem being built across Cosmos and other blockchains. With FTX’s recent announcement, investors are starting to get excited about cross-chain DeFi. DeFi Off Ethereum From MakerDAO […]

Pending Ethereum Transactions Reach 165,711, as Massive DeFi Demand Clogs Network

The Ethereum blockchain network reaches 165,711 pending transactions, amid an ongoing DeFi craze. The Ethereum blockchain network is showing signs of a network clog as the median transaction fee and pending transactions soar. According to data from Etherscan, pending transactions soared to as high as 165,711 on July 22. Pending transactions refer to requests to […]

Ether Price Hits 2020 High: Key Reasons Why ETH Outperforms Others

The price of Ether has hit a new yearly high at $322, as three key factors appear to be catalyzing the rally. The price of Ethereum (ETH) has reached a new yearly high at $322, surpassing the previous high achieved in February 2020. Three key catalysts are seemingly behind the ETH rally. Since early 2020, […]

Boosted by DeFi, DEX Volumes Compete With Binance, Poloniex, and Other Centralized Exchanges

DEXes traded 45% more volume in the last two months than they did in the entire year of 2019. Thanks to DeFi‘s explosive growth, DEXes have recorded nearly three times as much volume in 2020 as all of 2019. What’s more, the DEX boom has revealed an emerging competition with centralized counterparts like Binance, Poloniex, […]

Ripple Plans Expansion into the DeFi Sector – David Schwartz

Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, has in a recent interview with BlockDown TV, revealed that the company’s plan for the next 5-years is to expand into a wide range of services which include deploying its services to the decentralized finance sector (DeFi). According to Schwartz, an expansion into the DeFi sector will enable financial services such […]

DeFi continues to rally despite the reported drop in revenues

In 2020, the total locked value of DeFi has increased by 270%, most of which have come in the past month. DeFi earnings dropped by 42% in Q2 of 2020 due to MakerDAO and Synthetix. DeFi is currently the most bullish aspect of the cryptocurrency market.  Decentralized finance (DeFi) markets have hit another all-time high of […]

Binance Lists Popular DeFi Token Synthetix (SNX)

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, officially listed Synthetix (SNX) on Thursday, the token associated with the popular decentralized derivatives platform. According to the announcement, trading for SNX/BTC, SNX/BNB, SNX/BUSD and SNX/USDT is now live. Notably, there is no ETH pair included in the listing, despite the project’s ties to the network. “Synthetix is an […]

Here are the fastest growing DeFi apps right now

Dune Analytics data reveals explosive growth in DeFi users since the beginning of summer. DeFi is growing at breakneck speed, and thousands of new users have jumped in on the action in recent weeks. According to recent data from research platform Dune Analytics, the top decentralized finance protocols have shown spectacular growth since June 1. […]

PrimeXBT Comparison: Will DeFi Defy The ICO-Fueled Ethereum All-Time High?

Decentralized finance is growing at a rapid pace, and at the center of it all is Ethereum. Sentiment surrounding the largest altcoin in the cryptocurrency industry, however, is extremely low after a prolonged bear market. The growth in DeFi has brought some positive buzz back to the altcoin, but pundits argue that without another ICO […]

DeFi Protocol Compound Pumps After Coinbase Listing, COMP Prices Double

Like other coins that have been listed on Coinbase, Compound is trending up following its listing announcement. Key Takeaways Coinbase Pro revealed its preparing to list Compound on its retail platform on June 22. The announcement saw a significant number of investors buy COMP in anticipation of the listing. In the last few hours, this […]

Argent v1 Smart Wallet – 1-Click Comprehensive DeFi On The Go

The Argent team announced the release of the first version of their crypto wallet with built-in comprehensive DeFi functionality on May 18. According to the release notes – “Argent is now the easiest way to access DeFi, starting with TokenSets, PoolTogether, Aave, Uniswap V2 liquidity pools, Compound, Maker and Kyber”. The wallet itself is non-custodial, […]

Bitfinex Lists New Cross-Chain DeFi Token to Drive DEX Liquidity

How To Choose An ICO To Invest In New ICOs (OTC) Major crypto exchange, Bitfinex, continues to drive decentralized finance, or DeFI, adoption by announcing support for a new cross-chain DeFi solution. Bitfinex exchange plans to list pTokens (pBTC) — a new token that aims to unlock cross-chain DeFi liquidity by connecting Bitcoin (BTC) to any […]

EOS Launch New DeFi Platform After Coinbase Doles $1M Into Ethereum-Based DeFi

How To Choose An ICO To Invest In New ICOs (OTC) The wave of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) or Open Finance movement has been on the increase since its emergence, standing as a dwarf on the shoulder of the giant cryptocurrency to offer brighter promises. The latest news that Coinbase doled $1.1 million in USDC into two […]

Bitcoin (BTC) is What DeFi Makers Want to Build on: Anthony Pompliano

VC investor and BTC bull Anthony Pompliano insists that developers are favouring the Bitcoin ledger, rather than Ethereum, for making DeFi dapps. Ethereum-based DeFi applications are the trigger that is expected to drive the ETH price high up this year by many investors. This belief has not been changed even by the two consecutive hacks […]

Value Locked in Crypto DeFi Markets Hits $1 Billion Milestone

Broadly speaking, DeFi is shorthand for decentralized finance, referring to the use of blockchain, digital assets and smart contracts in financial services such as credit and lending. According to analytics site Defipulse.com, the $1 billion locked in the markets — i.e. across the spectrum of smart contracts, protocols and decentralized applications (DApps) built on Ethereum […]

A Big Day for Defi – Defi Market Surpasses $1 Billion

The total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance applications has surpassed $1 billion, prompting celebrations from the Ethereum community. Not everyone has been swift to toast the milestone, however, with suggestions that the true value locked into defi protocols is materially lower. Meanwhile, creeping competition from centralized lenders shows that defi will have to innovate […]

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Showed Impressive Growth In 2019

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market is growing and moving forward. Virtual currencies are expanding and the DeFi market is using this opportunity to reach a larger number of users. Although many altcoins reached new lows in 2019, decentralized finance solutions and projects continued to show their potentialities. DeFi Market Reached New Records In 2019. While […]

Bitcoin Bitwala Advances DeFi Initiative and now Supports Ether (ETH)

Support for Ether (ETH) As part of larger efforts to support the growth of the decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem, Bitwala, Europe’s pioneer bitcoin bank is now supporting ether (ETH), the native altcoin of the Ethereum smart contracts blockchain network. Though Bitwala has been existing since 2015, bitcoin has been the only cryptoasset supported by the […]

Twitter CEO Says He’s Moving to Africa Next Year Because Continent Will ‘Define Future’

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square, tweeted that he was leaving Africa on Wednesday but announced he would return and move to the continent for at least three months in 2020. Dorsey suggested that he may move to Africa for at least three months next year, noting that the continent would “define the […]

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