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Libra rebrands to Diem as it attempts to gain independence from Facebook

Libra Association changes its name to Diem Association The new name contains the Latin word Diem, which stands for “day”. For example, it is used in a popular Latin expression, Carpe diem, meaning “seize the day”, “enjoy the present and stop worrying about the future”. The team pointed out that the new name marks a […]

New Crypto Payment Services Launch, Bitcoin ATM Firm Asserts Patent Rights

Late last week, BitPay, a major cryptocurrency payment provider, announced the introduction of BitPay Send, a new mass payout service that enables organizations to pay employees, affiliates, customers, vendors, contractors and others with cryptocurrency. According to a press release, for a 1 percent fee, payments can be made 24/7, anywhere around the world. Recipients can […]

Why Do Bitcoins Have Value?

Bitcoin offers an efficient means of transferring money over the internet and is controlled by a decentralized network with a transparent set of rules, thus presenting an alternative to central bank-controlled fiat money. 継続は力なり To continue is power. <Japanese proverb> There has been a lot of talk about how to price Bitcoin and we set out […]

Facebook digital currency researchers publish ultra high-speed payments paper

A digital transaction settlement system being developed by researchers working on Facebook’s Novi cryptocurrency digital wallet app could support up to 160,000 transactions per second, “about 7x the peak transaction rate of the Visa payments network”, according to a paper published by the research team. The 15-page paper, ‘FastPay: High-performance Byzantine Fault Tolerant Settlement’, describes […]

Facebook’s Libra team conducts research on payment protocol 7x faster than Visa

The team behind Facebook’s Libra have done an experimental research into a payments protocol called FastPay that is seven times faster than the Visa system. Libra is a stablecoin developed by Facebook, based on a permissioned blockchain payment system, managed through the Libra Association. To carry on the transactions between different parties, the social media […]

Following One Decade Of Growth, DeFi Could Guide Bitcoin’s Next

Since 2009, Bitcoin has come a long way while proving its worth, improving its regulatory standing and raising interest globally through media and the internet. From having zero relative value to fiat as a currency in its early days to being valued at $19,783.06 in December 2017, bitcoin has shown immense power. Today, nearly everybody, […]

MoAfrika – Africa’s Biggest Online Tour Operator now Accepts Bitcoin

PRESS RELEASE. With relaxed restrictions on lockdown measures in numerous countries around the world, Africa has opened her doors to tourists on both national and international levels yet again – albeit with strict health regulations to ensure the safety of all personnel and visitors. Africa’s largest online tour operators, MoAfrika, offers tourists from around the […]

Bitcoin Is Back Trading Near Three-Year Highs

The digital currency is up 90% this year, outpacing stocks, gold and other assets. A Bitcoin Change shop in Istanbul; a renewed surge of interest in bitcoin appears to be tied to its potential as a hedge against inflation. While stocks, oil and gold prices careened last week, one asset set new highs for the […]

The next big treasure: Corporations buy up Bitcoin as a treasury reserve

The entry of firms like Square, MicroStrategy and Stone Ridge may open the BTC floodgates and provide “confidence for the rest to follow.” October is a time for surprises. On Oct. 8, right on cue, mobile payments giant Square, which boasts a market cap of $86.6 billion, announced that it had invested $50 million in […]

Bank of Canada: CBDCs should be ready to go if Libra is blocked

A Bank of Canada executive urges all central banks to develop their central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) if Libra gets blocked by regulators. Timothy Lane, deputy governor of the Bank of Canada (BoC), is advising central banks worldwide to have their CBDCs in place should regulators block Libra coin. Facebook and its partners have been […]

Programmable money: How crypto tokens could change our entire experience of value transfer

Programmable money (PM) is in the air. It may be the next stage in the evolution of money. And it could be as disruptive as any financial technology in development today. Yes, China is close to launching the first central bank digital currency (CBDC) at scale — perhaps within the next 12 months — but […]

CBDCs to replace fiat in at least 3 countries by 2030: report

At least three countries will have turned to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in place of their current fiat currencies by 2030, according to the findings of a report by a European think tank released this week. Dutch fintech research group dGen published the findings in its report “CBDCs: Geopolitical Ramifications of a Major Digital […]

Bitcoin, the original and leading cryptocurrency in market cap.

Bitcoin, the original and leading cryptocurrency in market cap, is now the 6th largest currency overall at its current price level of $11,300. Bitcoin, the original and leading cryptocurrency in the blockchain space, is now the 6th largest currency in the entire world when you measure them by overall market capitalization. At the price of […]

Programmable Digital Currencies Are Coming – Here’s What That Means

On Aug. 13, a top official confirmed that the U.S. Federal Reserve is preparing for a digital currency. Lael Brainard, a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors since 2014, told an audience last week that the Federal Reserve was experimenting with “a hypothetical digital dollar for research purposes,” according to Bloomberg. Brainard also said […]

Bitcoin Macro Trend Unaffected by Chinese Investors’ $50B Tether Exodus

Bitcoin’s macro bullish trend remains intact even after data show Chinese investors moved $50 billion in crypto to overseas addresses in the past 12 months. New data from Chainalysis shows Chinese investors reportedly used Tether (USDT) to move nearly $50 billion overseas. This has led some crypto investors to question whether or not Bitcoin price […]

Bitcoin Is Now Bigger than Bank of America and NZ Dollar by Market Cap

As Bitcoin reaches a new yearly high of $12,470, its market cap is now greater than Bank of America’s and New Zealand’s fiat currency. As Bitcoin gets more support from first-time investors, its market capitalization has risen past Bank of America’s market valuation, and put it within striking distance of PayPal’s. According to AssetDash data […]

Germany Is Quietly Becoming the World’s Crypto Superpower

The German Finance Ministry has drafted a bill that will update its legal framework regarding securities. The bill targets tokenized securities and will bring digital assets closer to traditional financial instruments. German regulators’ proactivity may shape the future of cryptocurrency for the whole planet. Germany’s Finance Ministry has drafted a bill that will update its […]

Blockchain Heroes Refuse to Accept ‘Old World’ Fiat Payments

In advance of its August 8 release, Blockchain Heroes has airdropped fans an NFT trading card featuring a crossover character from Topps. Digital collectibles trading card series Blockchain Heroes launches this week, but won’t be purchasable with old school fiat or credit card payments. Instead trading card fans will only be able to buy packs […]

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies With Potential in the Long Run

Cryptocurrencies With Potential in the Long Run 1. Ethereum (ETH) – $38 billion mcap Ethereum – Tradingview We didn’t want to start with super major coins, however, Ethereum is simply too good to be ignored. Just recently, ETH has taken the lead being the first to see a breakout above a crucial resistance level and […]

Binance Opens Fiat-to-Crypto Trading Platform for the Australian Market; Ran by TravelbyBit Exec

Binance has launched a new fiat-to-crypto platform for the Australian market, a move that will enable its users from the down south to be able to buy digital assets as well as trade them against the local currency, AUD. The crypto exchange announced the milestone in a blog post on July 28, noting that Australians […]

Central Bank Digital Currencies: evolution, not revolution

In our second instalment of CBDC series, Barry Topf, Chief Economist at Saga Monetary Technologies, discusses the potential CBDCs hold but also the great hidden risks, especially in terms of privacy Central Bank plans to issue digital currencies (CBDCs) have generated considerable buzz recently. But while they could be a significant development, they do not […]

Latest Fiat-Crypto Exchange Launches in India as Local Trade Volumes Soar

A new fiat-crypto exchange has launched in India, two months after the country’s stringent ban on banks’ dealings with crypto businesses was lifted. A new fiat-crypto exchange has launched in India, two months after lifting the country’s stringent ban on banks’ dealings with crypto businesses. The Bangalore-headquartered exchange, dubbed BitPolo, went live on May 6. […]

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