Japanese yen

Japan’s financial, monetary authorities taking hard look at minting digital currencies

The Finance Ministry, Financial Services Agency and Bank of Japan have met to promote research on digital currencies for possible issue by central banks, it has been learned. Issues related to such potential currencies are expected to be on the agenda for a meeting in Saudi Arabia of finance ministers and central bank chiefs from […]

Japanese Official Calls for Development of Digital Yen in ‘Two-To-Three Years

Kozo Yamamoto, a senior lawmaker from Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party, has called for the development of a digital yen within “two-to-three years” to counter the digital currency initiatives of China and Facebook. According to Reuters, Yamamoto commented a draft proposal for the development of the government’s digital currency will be included in the government’s […]

Why are stablecoins so attractive? History of stablecoins

The first stablecoin that became available in the market was Tether (USDT) back in 2014, after it was renamed from Realcoin. The idea, though, was first proposed in 2012 by J. R. Willett after noting that cryptocurrencies had a lot of volatility. History of stablecoins When Tether was launched, the founders claimed that each token […]

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