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Google searches for ‘Ethereum’ hit all-time high

Not many crypto search terms have come close to their peaks in spite of the new bull market, but Ethereum is a notable exception. More people are searching for the word “Ethereum” now than ever before in its history.  Google Trends data reveals that the number of Google searches currently being performed for “Ethereum” is at […]

PayPal’s Big Crypto Move Is All Hype

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are a fun way to skirt money-laundering laws and pay for drugs, but, according to reporting by Reuters, it appears you’ll now be able to use it to pay for Beanie Babies and fake Rolexes. That’s right: PayPal is getting into the crypto game. The breathless reporting by Reuters and other sites […]

Why the blockchain revolution rolls on

It has been a little over 10 years since blockchain technology and Bitcoin exploded into the public domain but, apart from making a few cryptocurrency miners rich beyond belief, the expected transformation of the world as we know it has yet to materialise. Why has the promised technological rapture not done so – and more […]

Africa’s Quiet Cryptocurrency Revolution

Cryptocurrency transactions in Africa are growing rapidly. On a continent that already embraces mobile money, virtual currency offers advantages for a young, tech-savvy population. Africa is undergoing an economic revolution that has nothing to do with banks and despite little sign of outdated economic policies being overhauled. Monthly cryptocurrency transfers to and from Africa under […]

Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Brings First DeFi Token Listing to New York

Compound’s token listing on Gemini confirms American regulatory clearance for the DeFi token from the most stringent financial watchdogs in the world. Key Takeaways Gemini crypto listed three new cryptocurrencies on Sept. 11 – PAXG, AMP, and COMP. Compound‘s COMP token listing by Gemini marks the official entry of DeFi in New York, which even […]

What is an ASIC miner?

Cryptocurrency mining used to be something you could do easily, but those days are long gone. Today, whether you’re mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, or a host of other cryptocurrencies, the most effective way to do so is with dedicated hardware known as an ASIC miner. And even then it’s only really for professionals with masses […]

What Does the Future Hold for Cryptocurrencies in the Middle East?

You might not know everything about cryptocurrencies or what the blockchain technology means, but you sure have heard of it so many times that it’s now the perfect chance for you to understand what it is and whether or not it has made it to our region. Visualizing The Expanding Universe Of #Cryptocurrencies. #Infographic […]

Must-know tips for trading in a Cryptocurrency exchange

As digital currencies get more attention from the media, its market continues to grow with each passing day. Traders need to keep a close eye on the movement of prices before deciding to invest. Some of the tips for having a good trading experience in a Cryptocurrency exchange are: Possess a motive while entering a […]

Weiss Ratings places Ethereum as the top cryptocurrency, ETH/USD keeps falling

Weiss Ratings has dethroned Bitcoin to place Ethereum as the top cryptocurrency. Ethereum is followed by Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin and Stellar.  The rating firm noted that Cardano has the best technology. Weiss Ratings has dethroned Bitcoin to place Ethereum as the top cryptocurrency. The rating firm updated its overall digital asset rankings, which factors in […]

Google Cloud has joined forces with many different blockchain projects—most recently Ontology, an ID and data blockchain.

Google Cloud, the data analytics division of Google, has taken on a blockchain-friendly mission over the past few years. Instead of reporting data in a basic sense, the division is focusing on the “big picture,” handling blockchain data in new ways while also serving various projects. Below, we’ve listed every blockchain partnership it has become […]

Will Ethereum Overtake Bitcoin as the World’s Leading Token?

Ever since it was first released to the public in January 2009, Bitcoin has been the leading player in the cryptocurrency market. It was the first decentralized cryptocurrency, meaning its advantage comes from it being the first product to make it to the market. Since then, it has remained the most popular, most talked about, […]

Litecoin Gains Over 307k New Non-Zero LTC Wallet Addresses in a Week

In summary: The Litecoin network has gained 307,603 new non-zero LTC wallet addresses in the past week.  This equates to an average of 43,943 new addresses per day.  No direct explanation can be found for the sudden increment in LTC addresses. One explanation could be DeFi.  A second could be a new wave of Litecoin […]

Crypto at the Crossroads in 2020: History in the Making

What’s next for the cryptocurrency world? This year has proven to be significant for many reasons. One of them being the COVID-19 pandemic that is supposed to have originated in a market in Wuhan, China. By March 11, the virus already spread to more than 100 countries and was declared a pandemic by the World […]

Kraken Adds AUD Capabilities to Fund Client Accounts and Trade

The AUD can be traded against a number of crypto and fiat currencies. US-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken announced this week that it has added the Australian dollar (AUD) as its seventh fiat currency, allowing clients to fund their accounts and trade with the currency. The Aussie dollar joins six other fiat currencies – the United […]

What You Need to Know to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

If you’re very interested in cryptocurrency but you don’t have much experience in coding, you might be wondering if you can realistically create your own. The good news is that you can, although there’s a lot to keep in mind before you get started with your own niche cryptocurrency. Coins vs Tokens The first thing […]

Is Bitcoin’s reducing decentralization helping Monero?

Bitcoin may be the king of all crypto coins, but when it comes to privacy, Monero takes the spotlight. Seth Simmons of the Monero Community in a recent podcast talked about the unique values that differentiated Monero from Bitcoin and also shared his thoughts on how Bitcoin’s inability to iterate and implement new features was […]

Ethereum Top 10K Addresses Audit Reveals Surprising Findings

Amidst all the great news coming from the Ethereum camp, prominent crypto analyst and fund manager Adam Cochran recently posted his findings on Twitter in a long thread, about a manually performed audit of the top 10,000 Ethereum addresses. The audit revealed surprising findings about distributions, profitability, market sentiment and whale activity. The article attempts […]

2020 Bitcoin Halving Attracts a lot of Interest From Institutional Investors

More often than not, people actively wonder who is responsible for buying up the newly mined BTC on the network. As it turns out, institutional investors may play a bigger role in this process than originally anticipated. Unlike traditional forms of money, Bitcoin has not hit an actual supply cap as of yet. Institutional Investors […]

Litecoin’s privacy upgrade: Hidden inflation a risk ‘users will be willing to take’

At the moment, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are all on their way to integrating and implementing privacy features. While concerns persist that these developments could end up elevating these cryptos as a threat to privacy-focused coins, another major question that arises here is – How will the coins’ infrastructure change and what impacts will privacy-enhancing […]

Institutional Interest in Cryptocurrencies Doubled in 2019, PwC Survey Says

According to a new study, the assents under management (AUM) of cryptocurrency-focused hedge funds had doubled in 2019 compared to 2018. Despite some challenges in the field, Bitcoin remains the most frequently traded digital asset, with Ethereum and Ripple following. According to the report citing the survey compiled by PwC and the digital asset investment […]

Weiss Ratings Ranks Tezos and Cardano More Advanced Than Bitcoin

Weiss Crypto Ratings has ranked tezos and cardano as the top two blockchain projects in terms of technology. Both coins received an “excellent” rating in technology, while bitcoin logged a “fair.” The crypto division of analytics firm Weiss Ratings called tezos (XTZ) and cardano (ADA) superior to bitcoin in terms of technology.  According to the most […]

Will Bitcoin’s improving privacy put Monero, Zcash, Dash at risk?

Bitcoin, although the most popular representative of the cryptocurrency space, does not lead every nook and corner of it. In fact, there are specific areas where certain altcoins have taken the lead over the king coin. Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin are some of the market’s leading altcoins, all of whom outperformed Bitcoin in terms of […]

Top 20 cryptocurrency and Bitcoin wallets in 2020 is an ‘old but gold’ wallet for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). It powered native explorers for the first two blockchains.  was the first in the sector to enable crypto purchasing via credit cards. Also, The services work with corporate entities. Opera is a unique built-in browser-based wallet. It also supports dApp surfing with ERC-type […]

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