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>>> Who’s Next After Ripple? Justin Sun Denies Allegations of TRON Being Sued by US Regulators Over 2017 ICO

Justin Sun rejects allegations of receiving any notices about regulatory proceedings regarding Tron or BitTorrent in the 2017 ICO from US or Chinese authorities The head of the Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, has denied receiving any official notices of regulatory proceedings about the 2017 Tron ICO from American or Chinese authorities or from a regulator […]

Ripple CEO Talks About the XRP Lawsuit And Other Hot Topics

Why is Ripple so Silent about the SEC lawsuit? Did it pay exchanges to list XRP? What about the future? Brad Garlinghouse answered these questions… and more. 2021 has started off well for most of the crypto ecosystem, except for Ripple. The company is on the verge of one of the riskiest lawsuits in the […]

Uphold Will Continue to List XRP & Allow Trading, Unless A Court Decision Favors the SEC

Uphold, a crypto exchange operator and payments processor announced in a press release on Monday that it will not be delisting XRP despite its ongoing woes with the SEC. According to the post, Uphold will only delist XRP if the SEC’s complaint against Ripple is ‘adjudicated to determine that XRP is currently a security, or […]

Ripple’s SEC Lawsuit: Will XRP Survive Its Unregistered Security Status?

Ripple has been sued by the SEC over ongoing sales of its XRP cryptocurrency. How will Ripple navigate the charges? Ripple, the company responsible for the XRP cryptocurrency, has been sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Now, many in the crypto community are questioning whether XRP can thrive after the lawsuit concludes. Details […]

Ripple bought over $45 million XRP in Q3

In Q3 2020, Ripple bought back $45.55 million worth of XRP–despite already owning nearly half of the total XRP supply. Rippleclaims they are “purchasing – and may continue to purchase – XRP to support healthy markets.” This reveals that the already struggling XRP digital currency would have an even tougher time in the markets if […]

Ripple’s Garlinghouse disses Bitcoin’s energy use in advance of Biden administration

With Joe Biden being declared the next President of the United States, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is making sure his company’s messaging aligns with the new administration. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse thinks corporations converting cash to Bitcoin (BTC) could be making a costly mistake as a more environmentally-conscious Biden administration takes the White House in […]

FinTech Ripple picks DIFC for regional HQ

Ripple, the enterprise blockchain solution for global payments, has established its regional headquarters at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the leading global financial centre in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. Ripple has chosen DIFC for its innovative regulations, expansive network and reputation as a leading global financial centre. Ripple and DIFC are […]

Ripple opens regional office in Dubai following volatile Q3 for XRP

The financial center in one of Dubai’s free-trade zones acts as an independent regulator with its own judicial system According to a Nov. 7 announcement, Ripple has established a regional office in the Dubai International Financial Centre, or DIFC.  The blockchain-based payments firm reportedly chose the location for its “innovative regulations.” The DIFC website states […]

Ripple, PayPal, and Twitter join coalition calling for fair elections

“We believe voting should be safe and accessible to everyone, everywhere,” said Ripple. Blockchain-based payments firm Ripple has joined a non-partisan group of companies working to ensure access to fair voting in the United States. According to a Nov. 2 tweet from Ripple, CEO Brad Garlinghouse has joined Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and PayPal CEO […]

Japanese Obsession With XRP Explains Ripple’s Relocation Interest

The CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse said US regulators are playing a guessing game on cryptocurrencies. In an interview, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse is adamant about his dislike for crypto regulations in the US and has even shortlisted several jurisdictions for relocation. CEO Rails American Regulators Garlinghouse indicated that the company could soon relocate to […]

Ripple Joins Google, The Rockefeller Foundation at Mojaloop’s Top Drawer

Blockchain giant Ripple network has made another stride to strengthen further its relationship with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as the Blockchain Company now features among the sponsors of the Mojaloop Foundation, a charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting financial inclusion by offering organizations the ability to create an interoperable payment. Ripple, alongside PhonePe, a […]

Ripple can be a profitable investment, here’s why

The price of Ripple (XRP) currently stands around $0.24 which is still far away from the XRP price predictions for 2020 year. Ripple has found strong support above the $0.20 level and the technical picture implies that the price may recover in the upcoming period. If you want to buy Ripple, the current price level […]

20% of RippleNet transactions occur using XRP – Ripple exec

Ripple exec Asheesh Birla said that 20% of RippleNet transactions occur using XRP. Ripple’s on-demand liquidity (ODL) solution leverages XRP by default.  An earlier report suggested that ODL customers receive incentives from Ripple for utilizing the solution. The SVP of product and corporate development at Ripple, Asheesh Birla, took to Twitter to note that 20% […]

Must-know tips for trading in a Cryptocurrency exchange

As digital currencies get more attention from the media, its market continues to grow with each passing day. Traders need to keep a close eye on the movement of prices before deciding to invest. Some of the tips for having a good trading experience in a Cryptocurrency exchange are: Possess a motive while entering a […]

‘Not a finished product’: Ethereum fees and scalability issues cripple network

Rising fees and scaling issues pose a major problem for the Ethereum network, according to key players in the ETH ecosystem and blockchain researchers. Ethereum transaction fees are too high, with the average transaction fee being $0.46 at press time. Transaction fee revenue is now nearing half as high as block reward revenue. This actually […]

Ripple Plans Expansion into the DeFi Sector – David Schwartz

Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, has in a recent interview with BlockDown TV, revealed that the company’s plan for the next 5-years is to expand into a wide range of services which include deploying its services to the decentralized finance sector (DeFi). According to Schwartz, an expansion into the DeFi sector will enable financial services such […]

Ripple launches PayID to break down payment silos

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto in an online paper outlined the vision for Bitcoin, a new type of electronic money, of which sending it to other people would be as easy as sending email. Moving towards this vision, Open Payment Coalition, led by cryptocurrency company Ripple, launches a new payment service PayID, which allows users to […]

Ripple Coin Explained

When people say ‘Ripple’ they are probably asking for the cryptocurrency. However, it is actually not the coin itself. Ripple is the system that uses the crypto coin called ‘XRP’ as an asset. The company that made the system and maintains it is named Ripple Labs. Most people call it ‘Ripple’ because it’s easier to […]

Ripple to Expand On-Demand Liquidity to Brazil ‘Very Soon’

According to Ripple Head of Global Banking Marjan Delatinne, the company’s On-Demand Liquidity may soon be available in Brazil. Brazil could be the next area for crypto firm Ripple to reach with a cross-border payments corridor, which could lead to its use in other Latin American nations. In an interview posted to the ‘Future of […]

Western Union to acquire Ripple’s partner MoneyGram?

Western Union is reportedly planning to acquire MoneyGram – a deal that could have a noticeable impact on Ripple.  Western Union has made an official takeover bid, according to a Bloomberg report. MoneyGram is yet to make a decision. Western Union is reportedly planning to acquire MoneyGram – a deal that can have a noticeable […]

Ripple, Stellar Partner with Ghanaian Fintech, Waya, for Cross-border Network Remittances

Waya, a cross-border, cross-network remittance and payment solution in Ghana, has partnered with Ripple and Stellar to make payments and transfers in Africa simple and instant. This makes Waya the 3rd firm to partner with the Ripple Network in Africa after Xago exchange in South Africa and the National Bank of Egypt. Currently, Waya allows […]

RippleNet Cloud Solution: A Platform Transforming Banks & financial institution for Digital Economy

RippleNet Cloud: Giving Banks and Financial Institutional Future Survival Scheme As the present technological revolution pushes most essential operations into the digital realm, technological advancement like Ripple blockchain technology is putting the world on the reel. To meet up with the untiring real-time customer demand, Ripple say it requires “infrastructure operations and elastic, cloud-based infrastructure.” […]

Ripple confirms increased XRP settlement in Europe

Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, said that the firm is witnessing more demand for its remittance product than expected.  He initially thought Ripple would only see demand in historically expensive payment routes with low levels of liquidity.  David Schwartz, Ripple’s chief technology officer, has said that the firm is experiencing more demand for its XRP-powered remittance […]

XRP WIll Power Remittances Between Large Japanese Enterprises

Ripple has been making headway in the financial sector across the globe. Especially Asia, and more particularly Japan, is a region of great interest. That situation will only intensify following a new XRP-based remittance solution launching in the country. FXCoin Sees Merit in Ripple and XRP Rumor has it that FXcoin is looking to become […]

Ripple gets ready for ISO 20022

Ripple claims to have become the first blockchain-focused payments company to join the ISO 20022 standardisation committee, future-proofing its business for the eventual arrival of the data-rich messaging protocol. Ripple’s move follows testy exchanges between Swift and the European Central Bank over the surprise decision by the interbank messaging network to shift the ISO 20022 […]

XRP Gains Ground in Japan

Ripple and its token XRP are gaining ground in Japan with the announcement that FXcoin is launching a remittance service using the digital token. The announcement was preceded by several achievements made by Ripple in partnership with SBI Holdings, one of Ripple’s principal shareholder. This time around, FXcoin Co. Ltd, a Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange launched […]

Breaking News: YouTube Suspends Ripple’s CTO’s Channel For Impersonation

YouTube has unexpectedly suspended David Schwartz’s channel for impersonation. Consequently, he may be barred from “accessing, possessing or creating any other account.” Ironically, Schwartz is the CTO of the real-time gross settlement system, Ripple, whose CEO announced early this week it was suing the social media platform for their negligence. In a surprise Twitter post, […]

Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction: Bitcoin, Ripple & Ethereum – Asian Wrap April 10

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD trends in an upward channel but struggles to cross over SMA 50 BTC/USD encountered resistance at the SMA 50 curve and charted two consecutive bearish days. The price of the asset has fallen from $7,295 to $7,241.35 in the early hours of Friday. Despite bearish action, the price is still trending […]

Siam Commercial Bank Utilizing Ripple Rails for New Instant Payments App

Thailand’s Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) says it’s building a new app that uses Ripple’s payments technology to allow tourists to pay for goods and services without needing to convert currencies. Thailand’s oldest bank is a longtime Ripple partner and launched a Ripple-powered cross-border payments app called “SCB Easy” back in January. Now, SCB says it’s […]

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