The time of gold, bitcoin and neo-feudalism

Max Keiser, veteran business commentator, host of RT’s Keiser Report:

2020 is the year the USD loses its role as the global reserve currency. We will see a multipolar world of several dominant currencies with gold playing a central role and hitting new all-time highs against the dollar. Bitcoin will also hit new all-time highs as the so-called alt-coin market (BCH, XRP, ETH, BSV, etc.) falls from 32 percent dominance to less than five percent.  

QE4 will be unleashed by the US Fed in 2020 and the world’s central banks will continue to gobble up toxic assets and overpriced equities by the trillion. Global central banks will soon hold more than 100 percent of the world’s GDP on their books in the form of illiquid, mis-priced ‘assets’ that can never be sold. 

In 2020, easy money and the absence of the rule of law in financial markets will result in a 99 percent concentration of the world’s wealth being controlled by just a few thousand individuals as the global economy transitions to neo-feudalism.

The time of gold, bitcoin and neo-feudalism
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