UEFA tickets to be sold on the Ethereum blockchain

  • Over 20,000 UEFA VIP tickets will be sold on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • AlphaWallet will tokenize and validate the tickets.

In a new adoption case, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has announced a partnership with AlphaWallet that will allow the public to purchase VIP tickets for the next tournament via the Ethereum blockchain.

Victor Zhang, CEO of AlphaWallet, made a statement on the alliance with UEFA. Zhang said that the cooperation will enable a combination of UEFA’s conventional distribution structure and blockchain technology with Ethereum’s smart contracts. The company led by Zhang worked with the Chinese organisation Shankai last year to contribute to the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

AlphaWallet aims to alleviate two problems facing the sports industry: Fraud and lack of regulation on the secondary market. Victor Zhang explained the importance of the blockchain technology:

Blockchain is immensely important for modern businesses. In today’s global economy, blockchain serves the role of what trusted third parties have played in economies of the past. crypto-news-flash.com

UEFA tickets to be sold on the Ethereum blockchain
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