VeChain: We are Not Going to Stop, Until We Overtake Ethereum

VeChain (VET) co-founder, Sunny Lu, has said he’s not going to back out until the digital asset overtakes Ethereum.

During an interview on Boxmining popular show on YouTube, Sunny Lu was asked if VeChain market capitalization will overtake Ethereum’s in the nearest future.

The CEO, whose innovation is being used by the Walmart China, PwC, Deloitte and some other big businesses worldwide, responded that the VeChain ecosystem won’t back out or relax until VeChain overtakes Vitalik Buterin’s invented digital asset Ethereum. Sunny said he always shows full respect to Ethereum and Vitalik.

Reminiscing, Sunny said when VeChain officially launched its mainnet, it wrote a salute to Ethereum in its genesis block, denoting that the network respects Ethereum.

“But you know the record is made to be broken and you know the master is made to be overridden,” Sunny says, promising to do everything to be ahead of Ethereum.

“Let’s say someday…If we can do that someday, I will be really happy and I think that also shows the entire blockchain space is really making the breaking through somehow because we’re talking about mass adoption not only technology invention but math adoptions with business value,” Sunny Lu said during the interview.

VeChain has had big partnerships in recent times. The blockchain network has been deployed by the likes of Walmart China, PwC, and partnered with DNV GL to launch an application to combat the spread of COVID-19 in corporate organizations.

In Cyprus, VeChain applications are being used at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus and airports to record people’s COVID-19 status before entering through airports.

Not only that, VeChain’s Sunny Lu recently said the likes of PwC, Deloitte, and some other firms using VeChain use the VET token to pay for gas fees, although they do not hold the digital tokens themselves. He also said he could not rule out a partnership with Ripple.

As the world continues to adopt blockchain technology, the traceability future of VeChain has given it the strength to be adopted by firms and two of the top four accounting firms.

VeChain: We are Not Going to Stop, Until We Overtake Ethereum
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