Visa Looks for Collaborators as it Readies to Deliver Value through Cryptocurrencies

Visa, whose payment network process more than 13,000 transactions per second, is deeply entering the cryptocurrency space and looking for someone who can help increase its collaborations with diverse crypto stakeholders as it journeys to deliver values to fintechs through cryptocurrency, NewsLogical can confirm.

The financial firm is looking for a Technical Product Manager who has a clear understanding of crypto and permissionless blockchain technology.

The product manager who shall serve as a link between visa and collaborators in the industry must be ready to develop many new products for Visa purposely to render services to fintechs that want to integrate cryptocurrencies.

The manager is to execute Visa’s crypto strategies and will manage a product roadmap that enables him or her to link up with stakeholders across different organizations while looking for ways that will make crypto impact payments.

Visa Files Crypto Patent

The demand comes on the heels of Visa’s newly filed patent for a cryptocurrency system that completely abolishes physical currency. The system will employ the service of both commercial and central banks.

The patent, if granted, will make Visa operate a private blockchain focused on improving the payment industry with cryptocurrency.

The filing was published on May 14, 2020 by The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and indicated that Visa filed the “digital fiat currency” patent on 8, 2019.

Visa Completely in For Crypto

Visa has been romancing the crypto industry for a while now. The financial institution has granted some crypto firms the opportunity to issue Visa card. The action has given Visa card a wider usage in the crypto industry.

Firms like Coinbase,, and some others have issued Visa Debit Card to ease the hardship of crypto to fiat conversion among cryptocurrency users.

Visa has a section for crypto integration and it is being spearheaded by Cuy Sheffield, a cerebral crypto enthusiast who hunts for crypto talent for Visa and works assiduously to make Visa crypto complaint.

Visa Looks for Collaborators as it Readies to Deliver Value through Cryptocurrencies
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